Tuesday, June 2, 2009

Thursday Clay and Play May 28th

I was in the mood to play with copper last Thursday night. I make my own copper blend because I like the copper kettle color of copper, and Kato and Premo are too dark. I mix 8 parts Gold Premo to 2 parts Alizarin Crimson Premo to 1 part Ultramarine Blue Premo, then add Ranger Copper Embossing powder for that antique, slightly pitted look. Fabulous!

I was very pleased with these, especially the "obelisk", which is not a traditional obelisk shape, but that's what I was reminded of when I started shaping it. It is sometimes very difficult to capture a simple shape. You can't hide any mistakes in a sleek line, after all. That is one reason I don't do many spherical-shaped pendants or brooches. It drives me crazy if the circle isn't perfectly round.

I've got some beautiful new turquoise beads to go with the pebbled copper pendant, and I can't to get started on a necklace design.

Feathered Copper Pendant Copper and Translucent Experiment

Pebbled Copper Pendant Obelisk (2)

Daguerreotype Pendant Copper Butterfly Collage (1)

Black and Copper Ethnic Embossed Pendant (2) Copper Butterfly Pendant


sharon said...

WOW...stunning Lynda!! Especially the butterfly and the Eiffel Tower...Looove them

Diva Designs Jewelry said...

Thank you, Sharon!


Love the colours

Julz said...

My oh My oh My!!!! I juat love this new lot of pretties!!! Especially the cobblestone effect!!! That is awesome!

Diva Designs Jewelry said...

Thanks, ladies!