Friday, June 5, 2009

Thursday Clay and Play June 4, 2009

I didn't try to do a whole lot last night, the weight of the work day was too much. I really only intended to make one piece, a pendant for my friend Angela Hickey, a/k/a polymerclaycreations, depicting the Cape Hatteras Lighthouse in North Carolina.

Angela is a fan of lighthouses and collects them, as am I. I am also a huge fan of her exquisite polymer clay millefiori technique. I don't work with the primary colors much myself, except red, but Angela has won me over with her happy, colorful creations. I asked her recently if I could purchase a set of her rainbow colored millefiori pendants and beads, and she surprised me by asking if we could trade instead. So this little pendant, and a few more surprises, are going her way! I can't wait to see the beads she is creating for me. I may actually get a wild hair and stop wearing basic black every day and start wearing yellow or orange!

Angela's Cape Hatteras Lighthouse 1

I do not know the correct name for this funny-looking little flower, but it reminds me of a persimmon, so I named it Persimmon Flower. I'm so original! I embossed the Pearl clay before I added the image transfer, which has a blush colored background, to the surface. It created an almost damask fabric like look to the space behind the image. I am going to do more of these for sure.

The tea rose or heirloom rose images are some of my favorites of all the images I've purchased from Sabine Berg at SabineSydney. They are so delicate and sweet, and I decided to add some very fine antique gold embossing powder to the Pearl clay. I also pressed a piece of floursack fabric over the top, creating a canvas-like look, something I've done before, which really adds to the vintage look and feel of a piece, which you can see more easily in the closeup photo.


Arlene Harrison said...

OK let me see if I'm understanding this right... You put embossing powder on, then put the transfer on over that? Do you bake it after you put the embossing power on or after you add the transfer? Or do I have this totally confused in my mind!!!

Looks marvelous regardless of how you did it!

Diva Designs Jewelry said...

Hey, Arlene. I add embossing powder to the clay during conditioning, and in this piece, I also "dusted" the surface after I had the butterfly layer down and stamped it with the script texture sheet. I then added the last little layer, the red brick block. If you're looking down at it from above, you can see all the layers. They have a 3-D effect.

I'll email this to you, too in case you don't visit this thread again. :)