Wednesday, November 25, 2009

My Vintage Tapesty Pendant is Featured in a New Treasury!

It's so nice to have good friends! My friend Linda Riopel, a/k/a NKDesigns, has been at it again. I think she sits home and thinks up great titles and themes for Etsy treasuries, and then always manages to snag one! Today she created "I'll Have A Blue Christmas" and all the items in it were created by PCAGOE team members, including my Vintage Tapestry Light Aqua Pendant.

Thank you, Linda! I'm in great company in your beautiful treasury!

It's Almost Time!

One more day until the kickoff of the Polymer Clay Artists Guild of Etsy's first Holiday Stocking Giveaway! If you're planning to shop after you polish of that Turkey and dressing tomorrow, I hope you will check out our participating member shops to help you fill that gift list. Every item purchased in any of our participating member shops beginning tomorrow until December 12th gets you one chance at one of the three gorgeous stockings shown to the right! If you purchase 5 items, you get 5 chances. Purchase 10 items, get 10 chances, etc.

You may view many of the items in the slideshow, which is linked at the right of the screen, too, or in my flickr photostream (I had the honor of heading up this promo for the team and photographed them as they arrived at my house!).

Many of our members are also participating in our first Black Friday - Cyber Monday Sale. It begins Friday, Nov. 27 and runs through Monday, Nov. 30. I am offering 20%off every item in my shop, plus free shipping on purchases of $50 or more. Several of my fellow PCAGOE members are also offering 20% off and free shipping, so please go to and search for "PCAGOE BFCM" to find all our sale goodies.

These promotionals overlap, so every item purchased from Nov. 26 to Dec. 12 qualifies you for 1 chance to win one of these stockings.

Tuesday, November 24, 2009

A Wonderful Feature on my Favorite Blog!

Carolyn Saxby's blog is drool-inducing for anyone who loves color, and Carolyn's sense of color and composition are exquisite.

Carolyn is a mixed media textile artist from St. Ives, Cornwall. I think it is safe to say her favorite color is RED! We are kindred spirits in that regard, because I never met a red I didn't like and I love seeing it featured so prominently on her gorgeous blog, Love Stitching Red.

Carolyn finds inspiration in a myriad of ordinary, every day items and captures them in mosaics she posts on her blog. She also shares a good bit of the Cornwall countryside with us on a regular basis, which makes a visit to her blog like going on a vacation.

I wish I could see color the way Carolyn sees it. I have a pretty good eye for color myself, but not on her level. She is the Color Queen Extraordinaire! Carolyn sees the possibilities in everything, even a piece of nougat candy. And as much as I love color, I think her white and neutral mosaics are exquisite, too. The lack of color in those puts the emphasis on the composition, and they really shine.

Monday, Carolyn featured my Ghost Bird Necklace in her Monday Mosaic. It is the second time I've been featured in one of her mosaics, and I am thrilled, and honored that she also chose one of my Old World Santa Christmas ornaments for her personal collection, and yes, of course, it was red!

Thank you again, my friend, for sharing your extraordinary gift of color and composition and the inspiration they bring!

Monday, November 23, 2009

What I Did This Weekend

I was down in the dumps last week after being told my hours at work are being cut back. For the first time in 30 years, I am considered part-time, not full time; and even though it isn't my fault, I can't help feeling a teeny bit like a failure for some reason. I was moping around Friday trying to figure out whether to go out and find a part-time job or whether to sell some blood or what, and my mother said to me..."You already have another job, you're an artist and a jewelry designer."

Yes, but I never considered it a real job, it was too much fun to be considered a job. It wasn't a hobby, because I am serious about marketing the Etsy shop, but still...could I actually make a living at doing something I love so much? How foreign! You're not supposed to love the job you do, are you? Hee Hee.

Well, I opened up my mind and thought of all the things I could do on the days I don't get paid that I've had to shelve because of a 50+ hour a week career as a real estate and probate paralegal (You didn't think THOSE kind of jobs could go away, did you? Neither did I, frankly.)

I pulled out my "save to do later" sketches and my bead stash and went to work. I made several new designs and reworked a few more and was completely happy with myself for the first time in years. And, don't tell anyone, but I didn't even put on makeup or comb my hair all day! This may work out okay after all.

My Empress Butterfly Necklace is Featured in a New Treasury!

What a nice surprise! Yalipaz included my Empress Butterfly Necklace in her gorgeously colorful Etsy Treasury, Let's Have Fun! I just love this treasury. The bright and bold colors really perked up a gloomy day for me.

If you get a chance, please checkout Yalipaz' Etsy shop, too. I can see from her listings that she loves color, so it is no surprise she created a Treasury filled with color, too!

Thanks again, Yalipaz!

Tuesday, November 17, 2009

I'm Featured in Two Treasuries Today!

It's been awhile since I was featured in a treasury, and this week, I'm in two!

My good friends Linda of NKDesigns and Laurel of LaurelSteven both featured one of my pendants in Etsy treasuries they just created. Besides being fabulously talented artists, they do a pretty good job making treasuries, too. I love that they are both titled for colors!

Linda's treasury is titled Wear Red, But Go Green and besides featuring my favorite color, racy red, includes my Carte Postale Red Birds Image Transfer Pendant

Laurel's treasury is titled Winter White...vory and features my Faux Vintage Riveted Bird Pendant.

Thanks so much, ladies, and please everyone check out Linda and Laurel's Etsy shops. You will find some really beautiful examples of the versatility of polymer clay in their work!

Lord Have Mercy, It's Been A Busy Month!

And it's going to get busier! I have so much to post, starting with two announcements.

First, the Polymer Clay Artists Guild of Etsy is having a Black Friday - Cyber Monday SALE November 27 - November 30, 2009. Several of our members are participating, and many will offer a 20% discount on every item in their shops, INCLUDING ME! Several members will also offer free shipping for that weekend. To see which members are partipating, go to and search "PCAGOE BFCM".

If you see something in my shop you would like to purchase, email me through Etsy before you check out and I will adjust the list price so you can complete checkout.

I would also like to announce our inaugural PCAGOE Holiday Stocking Giveaway!

Beginning Thanksgiving Day, November 26 and running to midnight, Eastern US time on December 12, any purchase in any of the participating PCAGOE member shops qualifies you for one chance to win one of three holiday stockings we are giving away!

The grand prize stocking is chock full of polymer clay items created by our member artists, plus a $75 Gift Certificate valid in any of the participating members' shops! The second and third place stockings also contain handmade polymer clay items and $50 and $25 gift certificates, respectively!

Any purchase you make during our Black Friday - Cyber Monday SALE also qualifies you for a chance at the stockings. Buy one item, get one chance. By five items, get five chances, etc!

Winners for the stockings will be chosen at random from among the qualified buyers and you will be notified as soon as possible after the promotion ends on December 12th.

Here are the items I donated to the stocking giveaway which you could win, and there are tons more polymer clay goodies included in the promotion:

A Blythe Spirit Necklace 1

Blushing Bride Necklace 2

Vintage Advertising Art Blonde with Roses 2



Here are the shops which are participating in the Holiday Stocking Giveaway. So start making that list and checking these shops twice to fill your holiday gift list!

Tuesday, November 10, 2009

Lions and Tigers and Bears, Oh My!

... or tigers and giraffes and zebras and cheetahs, oh my! I have wanted to create a necklace like this for a long time, something that incorporated my favorite animal prints with polymer clay; something big, bold and a little over-the-top. I had my idea on paper but have been so busy with custom orders the past few weeks, I wasn't able to try and execute it until last night.

As old Mick would say, "just around midnight"... when every sane person who works a full-time job the next day should have been headed for their pillow, I decided to sit down and experiment with the barrel beads. I had already made the pendant, one of several image transfer animal prints I made a couple of weeks ago to show to a customer.

These are prototype barrel beads, but I learned from them what to do and not to do next time. These are covered magnesite gemstone barrel cut beads. I bought a bunch of them in the ugliest seafoam green color and haven't been able to think of anything to do with them until recently. I made two zebra print beads with them recently, and the other animal prints last night. I really, really like the combination of the different prints with the red/orange sponge coral and the copper end caps. This is the last of my 25mm copper end caps, and I must remember where I purchased them so I can re-order. They are so versatile. In this design, they look primitive, tribal almost. I used them with my French balloon beads, too, and they also fit very well with the 19th century advertising art graphics in those.

Monday, November 9, 2009

Congratulations to the Winners!

The winners of the PCAGOE November challenge have been announced. My Faux Antique Brass Lotus Blossom and Chrysanthemum Necklace was the 3rd place winner. I actually sold this necklace Saturday, and was sorry to see it go, but it found a fabulous new home!

1st place went to KellyPlaysClay for her #4 entry, a metallic bracelet. 2nd place went to FungibleElements for her #13 entry, Metallic Mix Pendant.

Thanks to everyone who voted for my entry and partipated in the challenge! Next month the theme for December is "Seasonal". You are sure to find lots of gift ideas among the entries!