Tuesday, November 24, 2009

A Wonderful Feature on my Favorite Blog!

Carolyn Saxby's blog is drool-inducing for anyone who loves color, and Carolyn's sense of color and composition are exquisite.

Carolyn is a mixed media textile artist from St. Ives, Cornwall. I think it is safe to say her favorite color is RED! We are kindred spirits in that regard, because I never met a red I didn't like and I love seeing it featured so prominently on her gorgeous blog, Love Stitching Red.

Carolyn finds inspiration in a myriad of ordinary, every day items and captures them in mosaics she posts on her blog. She also shares a good bit of the Cornwall countryside with us on a regular basis, which makes a visit to her blog like going on a vacation.

I wish I could see color the way Carolyn sees it. I have a pretty good eye for color myself, but not on her level. She is the Color Queen Extraordinaire! Carolyn sees the possibilities in everything, even a piece of nougat candy. And as much as I love color, I think her white and neutral mosaics are exquisite, too. The lack of color in those puts the emphasis on the composition, and they really shine.

Monday, Carolyn featured my Ghost Bird Necklace in her Monday Mosaic. It is the second time I've been featured in one of her mosaics, and I am thrilled, and honored that she also chose one of my Old World Santa Christmas ornaments for her personal collection, and yes, of course, it was red!

Thank you again, my friend, for sharing your extraordinary gift of color and composition and the inspiration they bring!


mairedodd said...

you are definitely on a roll! but so deserving to be featured... well done!


I am absolutely overwhelmed by your thoughtfulness and your kind words. Oh my goodness, wow, I can't believe you did this for me. Thank you very much Lynda, such a lovely surprise. I love what you've written about me!

But remember this, I am equally in awe of your beautiful work. Your jewellery is exquisite and your attention to detail, the images you select and your sense of colour are truly inspirational. I love the beads you choose to use with your images and I love your style. I am thrilled with my santa pendants and I'm going to get a bird or flower from you next year!

Have a lovely week and THANK YOU!

Diva Designs Jewelry said...

Thank you, Marie! That means so much coming from a fellow artist! :)

Carolyn, it's a mutual admiration society, then! LOL Thank you so much for YOUR lovely compliments! I'll be hanging out on Cloud 9 today for sure!

Cindy Lietz, Polymer Clay Tutor said...

Wow these photo mosaics are wonderful! I just love the frozen seed heads. So very inspiring!

Diva Designs Jewelry said...

Cindy, isn't Carolyn's website amazing? Very inspirational! Thanks for your comment on her behalf!

Jackie said...

Now I owe Carolyn a thank you for leading me here. Lovely.