Tuesday, August 26, 2008

Red, Red, Red!

Have I mentioned that red is my favorite color? Only a few hundred times?

I adore the color red...tomato red, particularly. Did you know that historically, in times of war or depression, the sale of red lipstick soars? It is true! The rationale is that women think a little red makes them feel better. I agree. Red is my personal power color. I wear it when I'm in a kick ass mood. Nothing says "don't mess with me" quite like a killer red suit. I am not the only fan of red. I heard it is the number one favorite color, and I am not surprised.

I was looking through my stash of beads the other day, beads I'm saving for myself, frankly, and realized the majority of them are red. I don't know why that surprises me. When I sit down to make a new batch of pendants, the first color I reach for is red, followed by white or cream and black. They just look so fabulous together!

These are some of my most recent red pendants. My favorite red clays to work with are Kato red and Premo! Cadmium red. Blending the two gives me a lovely, bright tomato red.

These pendants were created from polymer clay canes made by my friend Pam Gilfillen of clayangel.etsy.com I think the diamond pendant is really pretty. After I cured it, I wet-sanded it through six grits of sandpaper, 400 to 2000, and buffed it with a dremel to get this glass-like shine. It reminds me of the lines of a classic corvette.

These pendants are from my Kinetic Energy series. Man, that's a lot of red clay, isn't it? I really like these, too. They give the eye quite a jolt in person, and you can almost feel the energy coming off them. I also buffed them to a glass-like shine.

Red, Red, Red! Gives me a warm fuzzy all over!

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