Thursday, August 28, 2008

Artist Of The Week - Linda Riopel

This has become my favorite blog feature. I love being able to spotlight my artist friends and no one is more deserving of recognition than my friend and fellow PCAGOE artist, Linda Riopel of NKdesigns. Linda is a native of Long Island, New York and has been married for almost 40 years to her husband Bill. She and Bill have two children, Nicole and Ken; and two grandchildren by Ken, ages 3 1/2 and 5 weeks (6 weeks by the time this interview airs!), whom Linda says are the lights of her life.

Linda, who or what inspires you?

I teach polymer clay classes in the Spring and Fall at the Smithtown Continuing Education. I love that so much and it has given me the opportunity to share my enthusiasm for polymer clay. My students are a great inspiration to me as their thirst for more information and knowledge has helped me to learn more after researching it for them.

Donna Kato and Barb Fajardo are two artists I aspire to be more like and try to follow their lead of giving so generously of their art.

Other than polymer clay, what kinds of materials do you use in your creations?

The only other materials I use are Swarovski crystals and high end glass beads. Someone once said - "life is too short to use cheap beads" and I think of that all the time as I am creating a necklace or bracelet.

What is your favorite technique?

I think that mokume gane is my favorite technique along with using flower canes. In mokume gane, it always comes out differently and a surprise when you slice it. Nature and flowers are just so amazing to me. I try to duplicate what God has created. (Doesn't always happen though.) LOL.

What do you like best about being a part of the Polymer Clay Artists Guild of Etsy?

Being a part of the PCAGOE is extremely important to me. It's a place where I can ask for advice, share techniques, talk to my friends and just be myself with people who have the same interest. I also enjoy the monthly challenge. It's a way to showcase some of the newer work I have done and see what the rest of the polymer clay community is up to. (This gorgeous keepsake box is Linda's entry in the September PCAGOE challenge, the theme of which is "Texture". Check back on September 1 to find out where you can vote for it!).

Other than Etsy, where could someone find your creations?

I have put some of my pendants and beads on Ebay, along with Etsy. I also blog at

Now for the fun stuff!

What is your favorite Color?
Purple and Turquoise.

Favorite Song or Musical Artist? Music - Billy Joel is my favorite, can listen to him day or night.

Favorite Book or Author? Anything by James Patterson. Think I read them all and there are a lot of them!

Favorite Movie, Actor or Actress? I am a Law and Order Junkie and watch the reruns - again and again! It's a sickness!

Thank you, Linda. You're the best!


Cindy Lietz, Polymer Clay Tutor said...

Great interview! I like when Linda said, "Life is too short to use cheap beads"! Great quote!

Carrieann said...

Great article!