Monday, July 7, 2008

Unhappy Accidents, or What To Do With Butt-Ugly Beads

I just can't bear to throw away a polymer clay bead or pendant I've made, even if it is butt ugly. I mean, define butt ugly. I ain't now nor have I ever be a Size 2 Barbie doll. My hips arrive in a room before I do, and although in some cultures my ample figure is highly admired and sought after, in others I would probably be considered butt ugly. Thank Gawd my Momma didn't throw me away, nor can I chunk those less than perfect beads and pendants others might be tempted to throw away. They have a special place in my heart, and in my workshop. Some of them I re-use as the base for new beads and pendants, some make excellent noise maker toys to drive the cats insane. The rest I give to Momma, because just like any Mother, she keeps EVERYTHING her children and grandchildren have EVER made! She can't even throw away a photo, even if she's got a hundred copies. I love taking a zip-loc bag of butt uglies to her. You'd think I'd handed her a million bucks, the way her face lights up. She always akes something funky and unique from them.

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