Friday, July 18, 2008

Me, Me, Me!

I may get a bit big-headed today. I'm the featured artist on two different blogs this week, one at and on the blog of my fellow PCAGOE member, Stormy of Stormy Designs, at Thanks so much to Linda at PCAGOE and Stormy for letting me run my mouth about myself, my favorite topic!

I've been working today, too. I made this polymer clay pendant a couple of weeks ago, but haven't been satisfied with any stones I matched it with until I found these gorgeous Imperial Turquoise ovals. The chocolate/coppery brown striations in the turquoise match the polymer clay pendant perfectly. I added white magnesite turquoise and aqua howlite turquoise to finish it and made matching earrings.

Imperial Turquoise Necklace

Imperial Turquoise 3

I call this necklace Siringitu, which is what the Maasai call the Serengeti. It means "the place where the land moves on forever." The colors in the polymer clay pendant are several shades of light olive to sage green and metallic copper. It was made from the edges of conditioned polymer clay, what clayers cut off to square up the clay after running it through a pasta machine. I layered the edges like stairs and this was the result. I love it, one of the more interesting effects I've experimented with lately. The gemstones are apple jasper pillow cut rectangles, rainbow jasper chips and African yellow Turquoise puffed squares. They are meant to represent the Serengeti's climate, vegetation and wildlife, one of the oldest ecological sytems in the world.

Siringitu Gems

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