Monday, July 28, 2008

A Bad Scare

Copper and Turquoise Mosaic Necklace Copper and Turquoise MB Pendant

When the majority of my time to create is limited to every other Saturday, it is not a good day when I only manage to turn out two necklaces. I had a good reason for the lack of production this weekend, though.

I had a very bad scare Friday night. I spilled a pot of almost boiling water on myself. I got red "flash" burns on my chest, stomach, legs and feet. I applied burn cream, took two aspirin and went to bed. I just knew I would be covered in blisters and headed for the emergency room when I woke up, but amazingly, when I got up Saturday morning, I did not have a mark on me anywhere. I'm sure it's due to all my Momma's fervent praying and the fact that God looks out for fools and children. It was a stupid thing to do, so word to the wise: NEVER try to nudge a hot pot full of anything to another space when you have another hot pot in your hands at the same time!

With Saturday shot to Hell, I spent yesterday going through my idea box for inspiration. I have a stash of special beads I've made and can't bear to sell, and every once in awhile, I make a necklace for myself. I had been holding onto this copper and turquoise ball pendant, the only ball pendant I've ever done, for several months. I realized I had the perfect companion gemstones, some turquoise howlite and dyed bone beads in the matching shade of turquoise.

I think the final design turned out pretty well, and it made me feel better about the other thing, too. And, every time I wear it, I'll be reminded of how life can change forever in a heartbeat.

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