Tuesday, January 13, 2009

Who's Got Heart?

I'm on the prowl for good hearts. Red is my favorite color, as any of you who follow my blog already know. February is THE month for red, what with the American Heart Association's Red Dress Awareness campaign and Valentine's Day, and I wanted to spotlight some of my favorite people and their hearts!

You can help the fight against heart disease with the purchase of this beautiful Red Dress Pin from the American Heart Association. Heart disease is the number one cause of death of women in the U.S. and was the reason I lost both my Grandmothers. It is a cause that is near and dear to my own heart, literally! Click on the link to find out more about how you can combat this disease.

A healthy diet and regular excercise can certainly help your heart's health, but being happy and less stressful helps, too, and in that regard, who isn't happy looking at beautiful art? It certainly makes my heart happy to be able to create it, although I leave it up to you to decide if it is beautiful, but my heart beats a little faster when I see these little beauties!

This stunning Mermaid Encased Heart was created by tejae floyde of tejaesart Tejae is known for her polymer clay hearts, and her Mermaid Encased polymer clay Heart was a Top 10 in the National Polymer Clay Guild's Progress and Possibilities Show.

One of PCAGOE's newest members is Susan of cocojaneandme. Susan's work is such an inspiration to me. Just look at this gorgeous, PERFECT pendant! it can be found in Susan's shop at Etsy.

And, look at the vibrant colors in this pendant. Susan's attention to detail and the finishing on her work is fantastic. I drool.

You want more hearts? Okay! Here are some cute little pc hearts from Iris Mishly. Not the traditional red, but sweet and whimsical!

My friend Linda Riopel makes gorgeous pendants in polymer clay which she seals with resin for a glass-like finish. She has been working on a series of hearts, and I just love this heart cut-out pendant. The roses are so lifelike! Linda's attention to detail and flawless execution always amaze me. Look at that finish!

LaurelSteven's Sentimental White Heart is an antiqued, stamped piece, and what an innovative bail! I'd recognize Laurel's work anywhere. She is a true artist.

And finally, now we're talkin'! Here are some RED hearts for you, courtesy of the lovely and mega-talented Ametista girls. These sweet little heart magnets would be the perfect Valentine's Day Gift for a child's teacher or for a Grandmother who posts favorite photos on the fridge!

I'm still looking for good hearts, so I'll be back with more shortly!


Susan Turney said...

Thank you so much for blogging about my pendants. I wasn't aware of your blog and I can see I've been missing a whole bunch of good posts. I've got you on my reader now and when I have the time, I'm going to go through everything I've missed! Can't wait!

Susan Turney said...

I finally got to page through your entire blog! What a treasure trove! Someday I'll have the time to read each and every post from top to bottom but just scanning all the titles and pics was a joy! I'm so happy I found it!!!

Lynda/SCDiva said...

Aw, thank you, Susan. You're so sweet! Please come back any time! :)