Monday, January 26, 2009

What I Did This Weekend

I sanded... and sanded, and sanded and sanded and sanded. I have the skinned fingers and jagged nails to show for it today, too!

I made some more Valentine's Day pieces for the shop. I love the cottage chic, shabby chic look, and anything vintage. I wanted to do a few "distressed" pieces in Red, and these brooches are the result, and being the Diva I am, couldn't help but add a little bling, too, with some Swarovski crystals. Why is it that photographing reds and blacks makes them look like x-rays? That is not a defect in the piece on the right, either. It's camera glare. Sorry about that!

Heart Brooch with Swarovski Crystals Red Filigree Bird and Heart Brooch with Swarovski Crystals

Red Raspberry Heart Brooch Black and Red Filigree Heart Brooch

I also made some more vintage pieces with an Arts and Crafts Movement feel to them. For some reason, they remind me of Frank Lloyd Wright!

Carved Sunflower Faux Bronze Relief Pendant Arts and Crafts Bronze Verdigris Sunflower Brooch

35 Dock Street Antiqued Bronze Faux Finish Verdigris Embossed Pendant Stevens & Wigton Verdigris Embossed Pendant

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