Monday, January 12, 2009

Some New Stuff

I've been playing with ACEO card designs and experimenting some more with the verdigris "grout" I used on the first Bottle of Hope. Actually, I've been putting it on just about everything clay related lately, to see what kind of effect I get. I have discovered I love it with copper. I blended a large batch of light colored copper clay and a large batch of dark, antiqued copper and have been letting my imagination run wild. These are a couple of the pieces I did this past weekend.

ACEO card blanks:

ACEO Ginko Blanks

ACEO Renaissance Tapestry Blanks

ACEO Faux Leather Blank

A couple of Bottles of Hope:

Textured Bottle 2 Textured Bottle 1

Copper Verdigris Bottle of Hope 6 Copper Verdigris Bottle of Hope 5

Some new brooches:

Black Verdigris Ginko Shield Pendant 2 Copper Hinges 1

Homeland Brooch 3 Copper and Ebony Brooch 2


ZG said...

They are all very beautiful and you are amazing! I can never get over all you come up with and all you get done! I just shake my head and say, How does she do it? :)

Lynda/SCDiva said...

Thank you so much, Kate. Being around all of your talented folks energizes me. :)