Tuesday, December 9, 2008

Turning The Spotlight On My Friend Linda Riopel

I thought I'd turn the spotlight on my friend and fellow PCAGOE member, Linda Riopel this week. Linda is my mentor in all things Polymer Clay. She inspires me and is always encouraging me to try new ideas and techniques. I love talking to her. She's a really gifted artist and teacher. I have learned more from Linda than I have from any book or video. She's the real deal, too, an unsung leader in our PCAGOE group. She goes out of her way to research questions, look up tutorials and offer tips and advice to all of us. I tell her she's the best, and I REALLY mean it!

Linda's work is instantly recognizable. She is known for her image transfer work, her beautiful polymer clay canework buttons, and her mokume gane hearts. I love the backgrounds she uses for her image transfer pieces. She recently shipped 100 necklaces (100!) to a friend to sell, and I seriously considered going to NY and hijacking the shipment. I am lucky enough to have one of her image transfer pendants, and I wear it often. I always get wonderful compliments on it!

Linda's store at Etsy is nkdesigns. She also has a blog here at blogspot.

Here are a few of her listings at Etsy:

Holtsville Pendant and Beads

Calla Polymer Clay Buttons

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