Tuesday, December 9, 2008

Congratulations Valerie Aharoni!

My fellow PCAGOE guild member, Valerie Aharoni, won the Best in Show Grand Prize in the Bead Star contest chosen by viewers at Beading Daily.com, and First Place Winner in the Seed Bead Division of Fire Mountain's Beading Contest! You can see Valerie's winning design and order component beads to make a similar design yourself from her Etsy shop, vaharoni, or you can purchase a similar necklace, like this one!

The grand prize winning design is on the cover of the inaugural issue of Bead Star, the Fire Mountain winning entry is featured on the back cover in Fire Mountain's ad, and there is a lovely article about Valerie inside!

I'm so proud! Way to go, Valerie! Simply stunning design, and I recognize that global bead on tha back, your Dec. challenge entry, too! I'm off to re-read everything again. CONGRATULATIONS!


Dave Robertson said...

Congratulations to Valerie from us too! When you run a design / jewelry contest (which we do too), you always hope for something as amazing as this item to be submitted!

at Rings & Things

Lynda/SCDiva said...

Thanks, Dave! I'll be sure to pass along your congratulations to Valerie. Isn't that piece simply stunning?

Thanks again!

michelle said...

Thanks for sharing the link to Valerie's Etsy store. I'm even more impressed now that I've seen the design in several colorways!

Valerie said...

Hi Lynda!
How in the world did my name get to be Haroni????
Aharoni please. You are the third person to post it this way. No one will 'find' me!!!

Lynda said...

Valerie, I am so sorry! I corrected the spelling in the post. I hate it when someone spells my name Linda instead of Lynda, I should have been more careful of yours. I apologize again for mangling it.