Wednesday, December 10, 2008

Finding Inspiration In Everyday Things

I may be the only person who can find inspiration in squash. Sad, but true. I am always on the lookout for inspiration, and often find it in the Produce section. The lumpy little knotty warts on a striped bumpy squash makes me giddy. Nature is a treasure trove of color and texture, and whether it's a walk in the woods or down the grocery store aisles, I usually see something I want to try and duplicate in clay.

I bought some really beautiful chickory and bok choi, and the veins and shapes lines inspired me to try and duplicate the colors, which worked to a certain extent. I was really pleased with these pendants.

Mahogany is my now my new favorite color. I love this step pendant. It has the aubergine/mahogany shades of the chickory and the creamy green of the bok choi.

Mahogany Step Pendant 7William Morris Inspired Polymer Clay Pendant 1 where did I put that bumpy squash?

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