Saturday, April 27, 2013

Yikkity Turquoise

Retired Atlanta Braves 3rd baseman Chipper Jones had a saying.  When one of the Braves hit a long home run, he called it "going yikkity."   In other words, they done good. 

I do believe I went Yikkity with the latest batch of turquoise! For inspiration this time around, I turned to  some of the lighter green turquoise from China; and a "faux" turquoise called African Turquoise, which is actually a jasper that is dyed or chemically enhanced.  

I played around with the greens which are prominent in Chinese turquoise and African turquoise, then went to my favorite dark teal. I also pulled out some tiny shape cutters with some really beautiful results.  

Before I write a tutorial, I repeat the process I'm writing about over and over and over again, to be sure my customers who purchase it can expect consistent results when they apply the steps.  That practice results in a lot of pieces, and a lot of clay is used.  I've gone through about 4 pounds of clay in the last month, and I'm almost ready to write, but I've got a few more color combos I want to try, so everyone who asked about the next tutorial, it's coming.

Please be patient with me.  I think you will really love this one.  


Lupe Meter said...

These are gorgeous, Lynda!! Will try to wait patiently lol!!

JuLee said...

Good things come to those of us who wait patiently for tuts.

Bonnie Kreger at B-LEE KREATIONS said...

Can't you just come to Arizona and do a class for our guild? That is gorgeous.

John(SC) said...

Hi Lynda,
You sure did "GO YIKKITY" with these. You have taken turquoise to a whole new level. Most people think of turquoise as just that southwestern blue/turquoise and have no idea how many other different colors it can be. These are beautiful, but what else would we expect from you. On the scale of 1-10, you are just a tad above 11. Waiting patiently for that tut. I think you should charge more for all this work. At least $30, but I will pay more. You do have to eat and clay(even the scraps) are not free. We appreciate you and all the work you do for us.
Keep up the Yikkity,