Saturday, April 20, 2013

Something Borrowed, Something Blue... Turquoise That Is

Faux Turquoise Polymer Mosaic Earrings
I'm back to faux turquoise this weekend.  I made some veneers two weeks ago and they've been sitting around waiting for me to decide what to do with them.

I was looking through my friend Arlene Harrison's flickr photo stream yesterday and decided to try some mosaic pieces after seeing hers.  So Arlene, I'm stealing your idea!

Here are the first results, which I love.  I am shamelessly giving myself a pat on the back today.  The photos are good, but they look AWESOME in person!

Faux Turquoise Polymer Clay Mosaic Pendant or Cab
Tonight is Family Night, a/k/a the night I reign supreme as Canasta champion, so I'll be out of commission most of the day, but as soon as I can get back to this technique, I am going to do some pushing of that old envelope edge.  

I've got some ideas I want to try to implement.  You know what that usually means, though... something totally unplanned will probably emerge, so stay tuned.  

I am having way too much fun to stop now! 


Arlene Harrison said...

Hey Lynda! You are very welcome to steal anything you want to! I love what you've done with the mosaic idea. You can only imagine how much fun I've had playing with this technique. But I do have to warn you... making mosaics can be habit-forming! And addictive! LOL!

zendegy said...

Oh, wow! These are GORGEOUS! I can only imagine how great they are in real life. Fabulous.
I love your work and so enjoy your blog. :o)atcdoma310

Diva Designs Jewelry said...

Thank you, Arlene! Boy, don't I know it. I am so addicted to this technique now. SOOOO much fun!

Thank you for the compliment, Zen! So happy you are enjoying the blog, too. :)

createmyworld said...

Those are gorgeous Lynda! Arlene's mosaics certainly are inspiring! It's funny, I'm borrowing a technique of yours (the controlled blending, but with a slight twist), to do my latest piece for the PCAGOE challenge (mosaic theme). Should be done in (hopefully) a day or so photo will be posted to my flickr and I'll try to remember to let you know about it. :)

Diva Designs Jewelry said...

Thank you, Beth! I can't wait to see your entry! You always do those challenges proud!