Tuesday, April 23, 2013

More New Faux Turquoise Pieces

Well, my friend Arlene Harrison was right.  Mosaics are addictive!   I created a few more faux turquoise mosaic pieces, this time combining the 3 recipes I had on the work table, a King Manassa type turquoise, a robin's egg blue turquoise with black matrix; and a medium green-blue turquoise with black matrix which resembles Kingman turquoise.  

My Nanny Moseley would say it is tacky to brag on yourself, but I'll just have to be tacky today, because I love the finished pieces.  Please forgive the less than stellar photos.  I think my camera is on its last legs. I've had a terrible time lately getting good shots and the battery won't hold its power.  These pieces are really special. 

I've had the most fun creating these, and I am not done yet.  Look to see more pieces later on this week, including combinations of faux turquoise with other faux finishes, like coral and Campbellite, which I have wanted to do forever. 

These last two pieces shown are part of my second batch of faux turquoise that I created last week, before the mosaic frenzy started.  Yummy!

I'll be listing these pieces this afternoon and tonight, and I don't think they will last long, so if you are interested in these or any of the others shown in my flickr photo stream, better hurry.   Two pairs of the earrings have already been reserved for a local customer.

Thanks for visiting, everyone!


Deb Ross said...

These are all gorgeous, like all of your work....I love your imitatives, they are over the top! It seems as if you take it just a step further and your workmanship is to be admired.
Do you know who the woman in your header is? I believe it's Ellen Terry, a famous stage actress from Victorian England. I've been fascinated by her autobiography lately.

Lupe Meter said...

These are stunning, Lynda!! Beautiful!! I love mosaics! Awesome job as always!

Diva Designs Jewelry said...

Thank you, ladies!

Deb, it's from a painting by John William Waterhouse, "The Soul of the Rose." I went to several websites, but couldn't find a reference to Ellen Terry as the model for the painting. I'll keep looking, though. Thanks!

Richard Jain said...
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Laura said...

Hi Lynda! I love your faux pieces. You are the master. Did you ever get around to exploring faux campbellite?