Thursday, April 25, 2013

A Little Detour

I took a little detour from mosaic making yesterday to create some pieces inspired by this string of rustic saucer lamp work glass beads I received in the mail from Julie at Indian Creek Art Glass.  

I was one of two winners at Art Bead Scene last month for my "Fracture" earrings, my entry in the Marc Franz challenge.  My prize was a gift certificate from Julie's shop, Outwest.  I used it toward the purchase of these beauties. I specifically asked for the eight apricot beads, and left it up to Julie to make up a mix of Southwestern colors to complete the order.   I could not be more pleased with her selection.  Thanks again, Julie!

When I opened the package, I think my jaw really hit the floor.  Folks, this is my kind of beautiful.  I just had to stand and stare at them in awe for a few minutes.  

I can't really describe, and the photo doesn't show, how stunning they are.  The colors are mouthwatering.   My brain started churning with ideas inspired by the texture and colors.  

I'm calling this collection Native Flowers, and they are part of my Southwestern Landscapes Series. These are a few of the pieces I created after being inspired by Julie's work.  She's my new favorite glass artist, and a super nice lady. 

I painted several different sheets of translucent (Premo) clay with chalk inks and alcohol inks, let them dry, and used my controlled marbling technique to make very thin sheets which I layered onto my favorite faux bone veneers.
I wanted the bone to show through the translucent clay, and I am really pleased with the result. 

I am being very stingy with my saucer beads for now, but I have a necklace project in mind that I need a pendant for, and I may have to think on it awhile longer... and I've still got more turquoise to create, too.  

I wanted to take a minute to thank all of you who purchased my faux turquoise mosaic pieces.  The pieces from all three batches sold out, and I hope to have more in a few days.  Thank you so much!

I really do have the best customers in the world, many of whom have become treasured friends as well.   

Several of the pieces are on their way to Australia, and my customer didn't even mind paying the new, ridiculously expensive U.S. postage rates for 1st class international mail.

That's devotion for you!  


Mar BisuterĂ­a said...

bellisimos todos!!!!

Christine said...

Your work compliments the lampwork beads beautifully! I absolutly love your pendants and earrings.

Lupe Meter said...

I'd say you did an awesome job creating some beautiful pieces to go with those yummy saucer beads!!! Love your beautiful pendants and earrings! You always amaze me! Congrats on being a winner on Art Bead Scene blog!

Diva Designs Jewelry said...

Thank you, ladies!

Iwona Charleson said...

I love the colours of the necklace and the earrings Lynda - just make me feel so happy! :))