Wednesday, May 27, 2009

Monet's Water Lilies Go Western, Yee Haw! My Entry in the May ABS Challenge Contest

May ABS Entry - Monets Water Lilies Go Western 2

I love the monthly challenges sponsored by the talented ladies at Art Bead Scene. They get very creative with the contests, and the prizes are always fabulous. The "winner" is chosen at random, so it isn't like you're being judged on your creativity or skill, it is just a good excuse for me to play with clay and have fun.

I love seeing how other people interpret the themes, which this month is Monet's "Water Lilies" series, which happen to be some of my favorite paintings anyway. It is up to the designer how to interpret the theme, so you know I had to take a stab at an image transfer!

Ol' Monet would probably roll over in his grave to see how I paired his beautiful painting with Southwestern turquoise, and I fully expected not to like it, AND it was kind of shocking to see the final design, but me likey! I almost called this Monet Cowgirl!

Who wouldn't want to wear all these beautiful colors of turqouise together? I think this one is destined for my own private jewelry collection. I'm not sharing!

So please check out the other entries at the Art Bead Scene flickr pool and check the ABS blog on June 1st to see who wins this month! You can also check out more photos of my entry in my flickr photo pool.



I think you've captured the Monet colours beautifully in your piece of jewellery. It really works!! Good luck in your ABS comp!

Lynda said...

Thank you, Carolyn! The truth is, I was bound and determined to use those purple turquoise somehow!