Friday, May 1, 2009

Friday Favorites May 1, 2009

I cannot believe it is May already. The year is speeding by too fast for me. I need a few more hours out of each day. I realized I have not posted a Friday Favorites lately, so here are my pics for today, all Polymer Clay Art and Artists I discovered on my jaunt through Etsy the other day to check out my favorite Sellers' newest works. It is not by chance more than a few depict image transfer techniques.

Lynn Davis is one of my favorite polymer clay artists. I purchased a Carpe Diem Heart from her ExpeditionD shop a couple of weeks ago (she also sells under her name), and it has quickly become one of my most prized treasures. It is definitely the tiniest piece of art I own, at 1" by 1", and evokes so much emotion every time I look at it.

Bethany Cooper's Copper Clay Tile Pin grabbed my attention the first moment I saw it. It is awesome, and the next thing on my "buy" list. You would never guess it is made from polymer clay. That frame looks like real, aged copper. It has a touch of verdigris, which you know I love.

EyeOfTheTiger's Heavenly Cherubs On A Cloud Brooch is an exquisite example of image transfer onto polymer clay. I absolutely love the cutwork detail, which is extremely hard to do and not botch. Trust me, I've tried.

And I am a huge fan of Shabby Chic/Cottage Chic decor, and MenagerieStudio's Shabby Chic Heart Charm really appeals to me. This piece is deceptively simple looking, too. There are actually several techniques evident in this piece: Image transfer, embossing, aging and crackling. It is really stunning. I am going back to drool over more charms from this Seller.

Here is a link to all the Art and Artists featured. Please visit their shops for more examples of the versatility of polymer clay. The possibilities really are endless!

Shabby Chic Heart Charm - MenagerieStudio

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