Saturday, November 29, 2008

Lynda's Christmas Workshop Is In Full Swing!

No shopping for me this weekend. I am working, sans elves, in my little workshop, creating more Christmas ornaments and holiday themed jewelry pieces for my shops.

I've been working to improve my image transfer pieces. I found some beautiful, vintage Christmas card and advertising designs on a Dover Publications CD, and I collect vintage gift wrap, another good source of inspiration. Here are my latest creations. "Good Cheer" got a big thumbs up from the family, and I think "Wake Up, It's Christmas!" is adorable. What do you think?

The images were saved as TIFF files and then edited in photoshop. I've found the best results come from the image being darkened and the colors more saturated than the original versions, although you have to be careful when manipulating red. It will bleed through white clay in a heartbeat.

Heavenly Trio Little Angels Brooch 3 Around The Christmas Tree Good Cheer Wake Up, It's Christmas! Ornament 2 Merry Christmas 1

These were a bit trickier. The original images are in black and white, and I wanted a red and green silhouette. It took awhile, but I finally got it right.

Santas With Stockings and Tree Christmas Parade

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