Saturday, November 22, 2008

Friday Favorites November 21, 2008

I took a trip down memory lane on my weekly cruise through Etsy this week. I found some Mister Potato Head earrings and some ornaments that made me think of toys I received on Christmases past, which in turn got me thinking of other Christmas memories and traditions.

Ever year we got to pick out or make an ornament for the tree. Some years, it meant a trip to the Hallmark store, some years we would make something special, and some years we would hang ornaments given to us at school or church or a party. Of course my mother has saved every one, and it is a treat to see them on the tree every year and to recall how they got there.

So, waxing nostalgic had me searching for ornaments and things which reflect some of the toys I had or favorite ornaments. They just happen to all be made of Polymer Clay! Hmmm...wonder how that happened? These items are fantastic examples of the versatility of Polymer Clay, and I wanted to spotlight some of my fellow PCAGOE members and their sculptures. I envy this kind of talent. This is something way beyond my abilities. Aren't they awesome? There are some fantastic gift ideas in the collection, too.

Remember that beloved sock monkey? He's here! I just love SpiritMama's Sock Monkey ornaments. This one is meditating, but Waxela has several to choose from in her shop.

I have fallen in love with TheGlassPie's earrings. I remember begging for Mr. Potato head stuff one year. That was in the stone age of course, and by "stuff", I mean the plastic ears, nose, glasses, etc. Back then, you had to furnish your own potato! Yes, children, it is true, and decorating old Spud kept me and my brother and sister fascinated for hours. You kids today have it so good, you just don't know how good, because after a day or two, old PH got really smelly and icky. My Mother had a strict one potato per kid rule, although we couldn't help but sneak more. Is it any wonder our french fries all had holes in them? Hee Hee

Polyclarific's Dolly Needs Pie setting takes me back to my pre-teen years, my dollhouse and hours spent playing "family". I used to make my own dolly food, too. This is so special and gets me choked up just looking at it.

Hey, can somebody make me a PC Easy Bake Oven? Seriously? I would love to have one on my tree, but I can't sculpt worth doodly.

I remember trips to the Hallmark store, too, to commemmorate a special occasion, baby's first Christmas, newleyweds' first Christmas together. Lynnslittlecreations' 2008 Snowball Fight ornaments reminds me of that. I just love Lynn's work. She has an amazing imagination.

And how about birthstone guardian angels from polymer clay! Personalized and monogrammed items are cool, and these little angels from Kathys711 are so sweet and would make the perfect gift for the teenager on your list.

So, come on, check out these and more items from our talented PCAGOE artisans!

King Chicken
Dolly Needs Pie
Zen Monkey Meditating
Cheerleader Ornament
Father Christmas Bracelet
From The Tropics Birdy
2008 Snowball Fight Ornament
Mr. Potato Head Earrings
Birthstone Guardian Angel Ornaments
Your Dog As A Superhero
Frog and Flower Fairy Figurine
Bear Booty Photo Ornament

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