Friday, November 7, 2008

Friday Favorites November 7, 2008

I actually grabbed a Treasury slot and filled it with my Friday pics for this week and titled it "A Pink Grapefruit Sunrise", but it expired this morning.

I love these shades of pink, the salmon/coral/peach/blush tones which have a little more orange-red in them than baby pink. There are so many lovely things in this collection: The Fresh Blooms bracelet made by my friend Jacki from CityDetails, the gorgeous Deco Hollow Lentil polymer clay bead, made by my fellow PCAGOE team member Valarie from VAharoni; and the print "I Can See The Whole Farm From Here" from BucksCountyFrames

And, I love the innovative way Mudcakes displays her handmade buttons, don't you? Very cool!

The The Coral Frame by SecondLineFrames, was made with wood salvaged from Hurricane Katrina's damage, a simple but stunning message of survival and rebirth, it just makes me feel happy.

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