Tuesday, November 4, 2008

Let's Hear Those Sleigh Bells Ringing

I have never gotten the Christmas spirit this early, but I am almost giddy with it on November 6th! Part of the reason is that I've been working on Christmas ornaments for a PCAGOE ornament swap, and part of it is because I've been prowling around Etsy looking for stocking stuffers, which turned into shopping for Christmas ornaments, which turned into shopping for Christmas "stuff". I didn't have to go far to look (should have known!) because my fellow PCAGOE members have gotten the Christmas spirit early, too. This little Polar Bear is so cute! He was made by Peggy of Peggers. Did I mention I am a nut about Polar Bears, ever since visiting Riverbanks Zoo in Columbia, SC on a school field trip. They are awesome creatures, and very beautiful in their own way, and I love that Coke commercial where the baby Polar bears slide down the hill.

Peggy also made these beautiful Poinsettia magnets. They would make great "Secret Friends" gifts.

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