Tuesday, June 3, 2008

Newest Designs, Collaborations

I love collaborating with other Polymer Clay artisans and Jewelry designers on new pieces.

Empress 4 This necklace features my polymer clay pendant in the most delicious shade of red and a rich, old gold, my gemstones, and beautiful little polymer clay beads made by Rebecca Geoffrey. I purchased them at Rebecca's shop at Etsy, www.rebeccasannex.etsy.com. She calls them Olde World Beads. This necklace turned out even better than I hoped. I wear it all the time and get wonderful compliments on it every time. The photos do not do it justice. It is stunning in person.

Ode to Warrior Queens Choker 3 This necklace features my polymer clay pendant and gorgeous silver, copper, gold and black, hollow, polymer clay lentil beads made by Sally Sotelo of www.silvergatestudio.etsy.com. Sally traded her lentil beads with me so that I could make this necklace. It's a big ol' honker, too, measuring 37" in length! I think it is appropriate that I named it "Ode to Warrior Queens", since it will be auctioned off for breast cancer awareness later this year.

Tusk 3 This necklace features my gemstones and one of Jael Thorp's fabulous polymer clay teeth. I purchased it from Jael at her shop, www.jaelsjewels.etsy.com. Jael makes these and other beads in the style made famous by PC artist Karen Lewis, or KLEW.


pippa said...

What amazing necklaces! Love that the beads are from different artists as well - makes them so special!

Anonymous said...

Thanks, Pippa You're very kind!


SCDIva said...

Thanks, Pippa. I love the collaborations. How about we dream up one, too?