Wednesday, December 8, 2010

Now Selling Vintaj Natural Brass Products and Swarovski Crystal

I love Vintaj Natural Brass. I love the story behind the women who started the business. I love the service they give their customers. I love the quality of the Vintaj product line and the helpful assistance they offer on the Vintaj website. You can find tons of inspiration with their design gallery!

The Vintaj pieces are the perfect compliments to the vintage, nostalgic look I create in my jewelry. I have purchased a few pieces, a very few at a time, but recently decided to add a line of the Vintaj products to my Etsy shop, If you didn’t know I had a second Etsy shop, it’s because in the past, I have used it as a seasonal holiday shop for ornaments, vintage fabric items and potpourri, to keep my shop for polymer and gemstone jewelry only. I would keep it open for the Christmas shopping season and then close it up until the next year.

For the past two days, however, I’ve been sorting and pricing and stocking and listing, and I am very pleased to announce that PCDiva is open for business as of today! I hope you will stop by and see the Vintaj products I have chosen. If you are a registered Etsy user, add my shops to your circle, and I’ll add you to mine, so you can see new items as I list them. I also have a couple of the new Arte Metal line, as well.

In addition to Vintaj Brass items, I will be listing Swarovski crystal and other Czech glass beads and jewelry components in small amounts; and de-stash supplies of semi-precious gemstones and metals from my personal collection.

I am working on a third Etsy shop, too, one which I hope to have up and running before Valentine's Day, 2011. It will feature items created from my hand-dried and blended potpourri and “cottage chic” or “shabby chic” d├ęcor items made from my personal stash of 1930s and 40s vintage feedsack and floursack linens.

So, if you are looking to purchase Vintaj brass, I hope you will consider me first. I will be happy to order for you if I don’t have what you need, too, just let me know which pieces you would like and in what quantity. I have just placed a second order for more of the filigree pieces and findings, which should be in before the end of next week.

Thanks, everyone!



lorelei said...

The new shop looks GREAT! Your photos are awesome!
Good luck on lots of sales!

Diva Designs Jewelry said...

Thank you, Lorelei!

bead inspiration said...
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