Sunday, December 5, 2010

A Gothic Arch Garden Nymph... And A New Friend

Gothic Arch Garden Nymph

Two weeks ago, I saw this gorgeous photo of an ATC in CreativeSpirit1's flickr photostream, and my jaw hit the floor. I fell in love it, the beautiful, soft colors and the composition. I immediately typed in a comment asking if the image was available for sale. A few days went by, but no response from the mysterious CreativeSpirit1, and I thought, oh well... but I really, really wanted to create something with that image.

Imagine my surprise when Lynn, the artist behind behind CreativeSpirit1, who also has a delightful shop at Etsy called Koupie, emailed me a couple of days ago and said I could use the image if I would create a pendant for her. Would I ever! I was jumping up and down with excitement.

This image really, really speaks to me. It has that vintage Victorian look you know I LOVE, it is romantic, it has gorgeous graphics, and that arch shape... oh, my... I'm drooling again. Oh, and Lynn also has a fantastic blog where she chronicles her crafting adventures, including her awesome handmade Christmas decorations. Check out the trimming on those stockings!

Well, I printed out several sizes and got to work. I created two large Christmas ornaments for the little, Victorian-themed Christmas Tree I have in my bedroom, a medium sized pendant with some Pink Siam Swarovski blingies, and a small, unadorned pendant. I transferred the image for the small pendant onto translucent clay, which gives it a floating effect. I framed the large ornament and the medium pendant in my signature antique brass colored clay and also finished the backs of all the pieces with the brass clay that I embossed with two ivy pattened texture sheets. I also added a 12mm, AB finish crystal clear Swarovski Graphic bead and a 10mm Pink Siam Swarovski crystal with an AB finish.

RESERVED FOR CREATIVESPIRIT1 Gothic Arch - Large Ornament with Swarovski Crystals
Christmas Ornament

RESERVED FOR CREATIVESPIRIT1 Gothic Arch - Medium Pendant with Swarovski Crystal
Medium Pendant

CreativeSpirit1's Gothic Arch - Small Pendant
Small Pendant

Thanks again, Lynn, for allowing me to use this glorious image. I look forward to seeing more of your graphic designs!


Lynn said...

So I am mysterious? LOL, I don't look at my comments on Flickr much, I have them emailed once a week.
So happy you found me, I love this , love it!

Robin said...

This is absolutely gorgeous work! Lynn is quite are you!!


Diva Designs Jewelry said...

In a good way, Lynn!

Thank you so much, Robin!