Monday, June 7, 2010

What I Did This Weekend

My gingko leaf texture sheet is the comfort food of stamps and texture sheets for me, sort of like my Momma's pimento cheese spread. I turn to it time and time again. Poor little thing probably needs to be retired and replaced with a new one. It is looking kind of ragged and used up, but I love it.

Faux Antique Brass Gingko Leaf Focal Beads (1)
(Faux Antique Brass Gingko Leaves Focal Beads)

Faux Antique Brass Pebble Textured Focal Beads (3)
(Faux Antique Brass Pebble Textured Focal Beads)

The Asian theme was abundant in the beads and pendants I created this past weekend, including some new faux antique brass gingko focals. And, my little stamp must be good karma, too, because I also spotted my Faux Olive Jade Gingko Cylinder Beads in a new Etsy treasury entitled "Gingko Biloba" this morning, too, so a big THANK YOU to the curator,ReincarnationDesign for including them. You've made my day.

Antiqued Gold Textured Polymer Clay Focal Beads
(Antique Gold Textured Polymer Clay Focal Beads)

Antique Gold and Black Japanese Koi Fish Focal Beads (5)
(Black and Antique Gold Japanese Koi Fish Focal Beads)

And speaking of day, this is the last day to vote for and bid on your favorite entries in our PCAGOE June challenge! Check it out here!

Thank you!


Gaina said...

Lovely! Your Gingko texture sheet is actually a bit nicer than mine - more detail.

I have installed my piece for the Summer show today, and put some photo's in my blog today. I wanted to let you know because I signed up to you for research and inspiration so I would love you to see where it took me :).

Hope you're having a nice day! x

Diva Designs Jewelry said...

Hey, Gaina! Aw, you are so nice! I would love to help you. I'm going right now to look! :)

Thank you for the compliment!