Monday, April 5, 2010

Practice Makes Perfect - If I Do Say So Myself!

I practiced my small work more over the past couple of days, Easter service and cooking for 10 notwithstanding, and think I now have a handle on making small beads. The more confident I got, the more I winged it, and they did get a little fatter as a result.

Faux Agates Group 2Faux Agates - Olive, Pearl and SandFaux Agates - Caramel, Smoke and Pearl

Lime, Denim, Silver and Pearl Swirl BeadsLime, Denim, Silver and Pearl Swirl Beads

I really like how the faux agates turned out, and the Blue and Green batch. These were some of the bigger ones, which I plan to sell in pairs but which could also be used by themselves as a focal bead pendant. My friend and fellow PCAGOE member Jenny of Jencom72 must have liked them, too. She featured them on her blog yesterday! Thanks again, Jenny!

All the beads shown above were made with translucent clay, alcohol inks and embossing powder. That's it, nothing else.

All of the beads shown below had a little extra opaque Turquoise and Ecru clay, but the majority of the recipe is still translucent, alcohol ink, and embossing powder, even the red. These are for me, I'm not planning to sell them. I love the Southwestern colors and plan to make myself a few things with them. Selfish me, but I think I deserve a reward for all this practicing.

Southwestern Swirl BeadsSouthwestern Swirl BeadsIMG_3521IMG_3533

I hope everyone enjoyed a happy Easter or Passover. It was a glorious, sunny, joyful day I spent with family, the best kind of holiday.


rengalsa said...

Absolutely love the top bead in the bottom set! Gorgeous work, Lynda!!

SueBeads said...

Those are great! They look like real stones! Great job !

sabine said...

They are breathtaking !

Diva Designs Jewelry said...

Thank you so much, ladies!

Sue, I think the top one in the second set looks like a boro glass bead. :)

Gaina said...

They look excellent! How did you add the embossing powder? The only way I've used it so far is to bake a disk, ink it up once cooled then set the embossing powder with a heat gun.

I've got some Super Sculpey at the minute which is great to work with but looks freakishly like my favourite brand of vegetarian 'bacon' (LOL) and I need to colour it im such a way as to keep find details.

Janice at Blessed Bead Jewelry said...

I just love the faux agates! You really have perfected them!

Boot ~C said...

these are so beautiful! I played around a little w/ polymer clay about 20 years ago but I never got the kind of shine your beads have. how do you achieve it? wet sanding?wax?

Diva Designs Jewelry said...

Thanks, ladies.

Gaina, I'm keeping that secret to myself! LOL

BootC, wet sanding and buffing, no wax or sealer. :)

Random Thoughts said...

Wow I just love your bead work. I am new to this medium and can't wait to get started. You works are such a inspiration... I see that you are from the Lowcountry that is where I am from too although I live inthe capital city now. Can't wait to see more of your work

Diva Designs Jewelry said...

Hi, Random! Thank you so much! I see you have my friend Marcia Palmer's site as a favorite blog, too. You can't get much more inspiration than a trip to her blog! She is fabulously talented. :)