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PCAGOE May Challenge - Historical Event

Oh, boy! All you lovely folks who follow our PCAGOE challenges every month are in for a real treat with our next challenge. May's theme is "History/Historical Event", and the members outdid themselves with their entries. Wow! Aren't they gorgeous? And so diverse! I am so proud of all of them, and the fact that they are all so different. Some members chose to portray an historical event or time in a humorous way, others turned a personal memory or family event into an appropriate entry, and others are profoundly moving and commemorate events which affected the course of world events. I wish I could vote for them all for 1st place. Fantastic job, fellow PCAGOE members! My hat is off to you!

Vote for your top 3 favorites at our team website at between May 1 and May 7, 2010. Five lucky voters, chosen at random, will also win one of the beautiful polymer clay items created by our talented member artists.

1) Fly Me To The Moon Pendant by BeeTreeByMe

Mary Ellen's description of her entry: "My inspiration is July 20, 1969, MAN WALKS ON THE MOON! I watched live coverage on my black and white TV. Every kid wanted to be an astronaut! The Space-age inspired, awed and humbled us. This is my tribute to people who made dreams come true."

2) Australian ANZAC Slouch Hat Brooch by Polyclarific

Amanda's description of her entry: "This month we remember our fallen soldiers on ANZAC Day (April 25). We remember fallen Australian and New Zealand Army Corps (ANZAC) who fought at Gallipoli in Turkey during World War II."

3) The Day The World Changed Forever by NKDesigns

Linda'w description of her entry: "On 9/11/2001, 2973 innocent people perished in a horrendous act of terrorism at the World Trade Center. Living in New York, this is very close to my heart. This tin will not be for sale in my shop. It sits on my desk to remind me of the Day the World Changed Forever. Inside the tin is a Flag of Honor with tiny names of the 2973 victims of 9-11 who gave their life."

4) Medieval Manuscript Cane Set by ZoeOwyn

Laura's description of her entry: "This set of 4 canes are all based on pieces/design elements that you could find in medaevil illuminated manuscripts. I took a class to the museum to see an exibit, and I fell in love with the little detail work in the illuminations."

5) Headline 1920: U.S. Women Get The Right To Vote! Brooch by SCDiva

This is my entry. It commemorates the ratification and passing of the 19th amendment to the Constitution of the United States, which finally gave women in this country the right to vote in 1920. It also honors the first women in my family who were able to do so, my Great Grandmothers: Caralie Douglas Medlock Stoney, Julia Elizabeth Craft Moseley, Cora Lee Taylor Page and Pezzie Hinson Forrester."

6) My Great Grandmother's Steamer Trunk by ArrowdaleArtStudio

Cindy's description of her entry: "This trunk represents the hard choices all of our great-(?)-grandparents had to make when they left their homes and families - all that they knew, to come to a new life in America. My great-grandparents came in the latter half of the 19th century, along with 33 other families after massive flooding for several along the Rhine left their farms useless. As I think about them packing up what little they probably had left after selling everything to survive, I imagine that final packing must have been so difficult."

7) Ancient Shards Earrings by OneAndOnly

Maria's description of her entry: "These have been made using inspiration from the minoanss in Greece, the palace of Knossos has still some amazing frescoes that were made 1700BC, flowers and the spiral designs are evident in may of the works."

8) Italian-Inspired Terracotta Necklace by YoungCreative

Marie's description of her entry: "Indulge your daydreams of Italy with this bella necklace reminiscent of ancient terracotta pottery. The focal point is a pendant, featuring inset hand-stamped images of Michelangelo’s David beside a map of Italy."

9) Famous Painters of the Renaissance by PolymerClayCreations

Angela's description of her entry: "My choice was this tin with photos of three of the most famous painters and paintings of the Renaissance. Botticeli, Da Vinci and Michelangelo on a tin covered with gold, copper and pearl mokume gane."

10) Sunface Kachina Pendant or Wall Hanging by RenGalSA

Deb's description of her entry: "My entry is a tribute to Native Americans. It is the Hopi Kachina, Sunface. The Sunface Kachina represents warmth, shelter for the old, bright future, and playfulness for the young."

11) Bathtub Gin Bootleggers by AlisonEKurek

Ali's description of her entry: "1920 through 1933 marked a period of decreed alcohol abstinence in the United States. It also marked a period of bootlegging, bath tub gin, gangsters and general upheaval in American society."

12) Caveman's Wheel Pendant by IansCafe

Ian's description of his entry: "You can't talk history of modern invention without a homage to the birth of the wheel."

13) Come To The Tea Party by AshPaints

Arlene's description of her entry: "Not a political statement, just a reminder of one of the turning points in American history when patriots joined together to fight oppression."

14) Popular Toys of the 20th Century by BlessedBeadJewelry

Janice's description of her entry: "All of these toys, the crayons, the lincoln logs, Raggedy Ann, the teddy bear, Mr. Potato Head, and the Slinky were invented before after 1900 but before 1960! Mr. Potato Head was the latest one, in the early 1950's."

The prize pool for May:

First Row, L-R: Barrette by Polyclarific, Covered Tin by ClayCenter, Bracelet by YoungCreative, Necklace by ArrowdaleArtStudio.

Second Row, L-R: Bracelet by HiGirls, Necklace by 11BoldStreet, Earrings by PolymerClayCreations, Earrings by ClayHappy.

Third Row, L-R: Pendant by JKollmann, Pendant by NKDesigns, Pendant by SCDiva, Charm by JenCom72.

Fourth Row, L-R: Pendant by BeeTreeByMe, Pendant by RiverValleyDesign, Pendant by LaurelSteven, Raw polymer clay cane by ToniNZ

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