Friday, February 12, 2010

Carolina Snowfall

Those of us living in the U.S. deep South hardly ever get snow. We sure got some tonight. The lowcountry of South Carolina is blanketed with the most gorgeous glittery white powder! It is thrilling and breathtaking.

Those of you who regularly get snow are probably thinking I'm a nutjob, but for someone who has seen snow a handful of times in my 50 years, only 3 times that I can remember where it actually stuck to the ground and accumulated any significant amount. Well, it did tonight! 5" in my backyard so far, and it's still snowing!

I snapped these photos in the backyard. This is my dogwood tree, and the church across the street. I hope the snow sticks around until tomorrow. If it does, I intend to go exploring with my camera!

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SueBeads said...

Wow, for Hilton Head area that's amazing!