Monday, February 1, 2010

Back to Basics - What You Do When The Muse Goes Into Hiding

I have been struggling with my muse for the past month. After turning out many, many image transfers, I think I hit a wall. One after another just didn't turn out the way I wanted them to, and I had to stop.

Usually when my muse goes South, I can look through my stash of Art Jewelry and Architectural Digest magazines and find something to fuel my creativity, but lately, not even that has worked.

So, last Thursday night, for my guild's weekly Clay and Play session, I decided to go back to the basics and do some things I haven't done on a large scale in awhile, like faux finishes. I pulled out a couple of books and decided to try faux jade and faux bone and faux turquoise. I didn't quite make it to the faux turquoise because I got so absorbed in the faux jade.

I did some research and discovered there are six colors of natural jade: Black, red, green, yellow, white and lavender. I wanted to try a batch of each, but only got as far as green, yellow, red and lavender this go-round, but I intend to do some more. I haven't had that much fun claying in ages.

I am really pleased with the results of the green and yellow. The red, which my research source says can range from reddish brown to orange, looks a little too orange to me, but hey, how about faux carnelian? The lavender turned out too gray, but not black enough to be black, so I need to experiment some more with those colors.

Then I decided to do a quick batch of faux bone. I deliberately left the beads in the cooker for longer than I was supposed to (don't try this at home unless you bake outside) because I wanted a darker striation. My neighbor saw these and thought they looked more like wood. I'll try to cook them like I'm supposed to cook them next time, but I love these, too.

All in all, a very good weekend. Now if that truckload of translucent clay I ordered would just get here, I could do some more.

Faux Jade Series - Dark Green "Jadeite" Architectural Detail and Gingko Leaves

Dark Green "Jadeite" Faux Jade - Architectural Detail and Gingko Leaves

Faux Jade Series - Koi Fish - "Burmese" Front View 2

Medium Green "Burmese" Faux Jade Raised Koi Fish - Pendant

Faux Jade Series - Chrysanthemums and Lotus Blossoms - Dark Green "Burmese" Medium Green

Medium Green "Burmese" Faux Jade - Chrysanthemums and Lotus Blossoms Pendant

Faux Jade Series - Koi Fish - Medium Green w/Black Inclusions Front View 3

Medium Green "Burmese" Faux Jade Pendant/Brooch - Koi Fish

Faux Jade Series - Koi Fish East/West Bead Light Green Front  View

Light Olive Green East-West Faux Jade Focal Bead - Koi Fish

Faux Jade Series - Japanese Waves - Reddish Orange

Reddish Orange Faux Red Jade Asian Waves Pendant

Faux Jade Series - Floral Cylinder Bead - Yellow 2

Yellow Faux Jade Floral Carved Cylinder Bead

Faux Jade Series - Asian Script - Front View - Lavender

Lavender Faux Jade - Asian Letters Pendant

Faux Carved Bone "Drums" Front View

Faux Carved Bone Series - Paisley - Front View

Faux Carved Bone Series - Tree of Life - Front View
Faux Bone Pendants


SueBeads said...

Wow, Lynda - those are great! If you didn't tell me they were "faux" I'd believe they were real! Great job! Going back to basics is a great way to get your muse back! I had to do that too (I think it's this winter and the economy and everything that's getting everyone down) and ended up coming up with my focals that I have been making - I really like how they have been turning out!

Vixenjewels said...

You - muse = better than me :( lol

Deborah Ross said...

These are beautiful!

Silly... 'Ma said...

Terrific - I think I'm going to follow you down the faux highway. Not sure it'll be jade, but a few in the Guild of late have been producing some lovely "stones" and I must try my hand!



Jenn said...

These are spectacular! I've been gleaning little lessons from the gem dealers here in Hong Kong...about the difference between jade (from Burma) and jadeite (from China), coloring, etc. But I learned more from your exploration in faux techniques! Fabulous. I can't wait to play with the idea once I advance. (Still a baby clayer.)

Diva Designs Jewelry said...

Thank you so much, everyone!

Sue, I went to your site yesterday, and I am loving the new focal beads, girl! We need to talk!

Polly, you are so sweet, thank you, but you stick with PCAGOE and you will learn more than you can imagine!

Cindy, go for it! I'm going back to the drawing board with the jade, but I love faux bone and I'm determined to get some faux turquoise done for our "Faux" challenge coming up later this year!

Jenn, this is a super easy technique. I'd love to see what you do with it. Come back and show me pictures, okay?

Thanks again, ladies! Happy Claying! said...

Hey these beads and pendants are very pretty :) Love the colors, looks natural!

Anonymous said...

These are beautiful, Lynda! I would have never believed they were faux jade! I would like to try making faux jade, if I get gutsy enough to try it. Is it difficult? Since it is done with probably have to watch the oven pretty closely.

Beverlyjane said...

These are all wonderful. I especially love the green leaves! Your work is so beautiful. Bev

Diva Designs Jewelry said...

Thank you, Lupe and Bev!

Diva Designs Jewelry said...

And thank you, too, Zarah! :)

Anonymous said...

Very nice, I really liked the Reddish Orange Faux Red Jade Asian Waves Pendant !

Diva Designs Jewelry said...

Thank you very much, Muse! I love your blog! Very informative. :)