Sunday, March 1, 2009

PCAGOE March Challenge - Vote For Your Favorite!

This month's theme is "Canework", and spotlights a technique at which many of our members excel. Canework in polymer clay is based on the millefiori technique in Venetian glass beadmaking. Just as in glassmaking, a clay cane or rod is made from different colors of clay into patterns which you can only see by looking at the cut end of the cane. Horizontal, paper-thin slices are made and then pressed or layered onto a clay surface in mosaic patterns, or in some cases, pictographs or faces.

A fantastic example of how polymer clay canework mirrors Venetian millefiori is in Angela/PolymerClayCreations' work and her use of bright colors in floral patterns. Canework takes a tremendous amount of patience and practice, which is why you don't see my name among the entries. I am the worst canemaker ever, but I love looking at all the beautiful canework made by my fellow PCAGOE members.

Vote for your favorite entry at between March 1, 2009 and midnight e.s.t. of March 7, 2009. Several lucky voters chosen at random will receive some gorgeous examples of canework artisty!

1. Madame Butterfly by beetreebyme
2. Fantasy Fish Pin by AliceStroppel
3. Split Personality by oneandonly
4. Rainstick by divadea
5. Butterflies Pendant by BreathtakingBeadzz
6. Blue Flowers Ladybug by ashpaints
7. Retro Ring by ruthtarragano
8. Grenade by lacigalecristalline
9. Medieval Manuscript Cane Set by zoeowyn
10. Little Black Dress Necklace by NKDesigns
11. Nougat Cane Candle Jar by Peggers
12. Sunshine and Rainbows by polymerclaycreations
13. Winter? I Scoff! by cocojaneandme
14. Ringling B by Susanne D.
15. En Trois Pendant by thecolorofdreams
16. Feline Dreams by ametista
17. Sheer Pink Focal Bead by CreativeSpiritToo
18. Bud Vase by jewelzodonnell
19. Shifting Star Set by pipsjewellery
20. Field of Poppies by OrganicOdysseys
21. Rustic Ease by laurabeestudios
22. Varliukas-ramuniukas by Liukse
23. Complexities of the Heart by plumuniqprettiesplus

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