Thursday, March 12, 2009

Forgive My Flaunting, But I've Apparently Got "IT" This Week!

To steal a line from my friend Linda Riopel, Woo Hoo!!!!!!! It has been an exciting week for me, being featured on several blogs and getting some great feedback on my designs, and I am also featured in three Etsy Treasuries. My cup runneth over it seems. Thanks again to everyone who blogged me, commented on my work, complimented me and featured me in a treasury. I hope I'm coming out of my creative funk now. I'm determined to work tonight and will post photos tomorrow if there is anything decent in the bunch.

Linda Riopel of NKDesigns, featured two of my designs in her sexy Red Hot Romance Treasury, My Italian Romance Necklace and my Jungle Love Brooch I'm in good company, too. All the featured designs are fantastic! Thank you, Linda!

Tina, a/k/a Chicki, featured my Extremely Rare Spotted Cow Egg Necklace in her gorgeous Monochrome Treasury. Black and White is one of my favorite combinations and I love all the pieces featured in this treasury. Thanks, Tina, for including my bodacious bovine!

And finally, Alissa, a/k/a DivaDea, featured my Antique Bronze Embossed Ginkgo Brooch in her Not Too Bright Treasury. Thanks so much, Alissa. Beautiful artwork in this treasury, too!


Linda Riopel said...

Like they say - If ya got it flaunt it. WOO HOO GF!!

Pips said...

....and you have certainly got IT!!

Way to go Lynda!

CreativeSpirit said...

I always say, 'Flaunt it if you've got it", and you've definitely got it! I see one of my pendants made it into the Not So Bright Treasury too. WOO HOO!!!

Lynda/SCDiva said...

Y'all are so sweet! Thanks, ladies!