Saturday, July 20, 2013

The Joint Is Jumpin'

Lots of activity in the Diva studio in the past month.  I think I am finally in the home stretch with the new tutorial.  All the random ideas I have taken from the keyboard to the work table are finally gelling together in a cohesive collection of instructions and projects.  It won't be long now before the new "Fabulous Faux Master Collection" will be published.

What I had originally planned as a faux turquoise tutorial has morphed into a range of faux finishes using the same technique.  I want to try a few more really unusual and beautiful finishes before I call it done, but I believe that by the end of July, this baby will get birthed!

These are some of the faux turquoise finishes which will be included in the tutorial.  I wanted to give everyone a variety of colors.

These bracelets, created using my some of my fabulous faux turquoise polymer slides and Regaliz, a/k/a Licorice Leather, are a new direction for me.  I haven't made bracelets on this scale before, but I absolutely love them.  I decided to include a lesson in the new tutorial on how to create them.

These beautiful little beads are a joy to create.  They will be included in the tutorial, too, along with a special project that I hope to include which will really showcase their gorgeous matrix.   They are an "all over" design, pattern on the front and back and around the edge.  LOTS of beady goodness!

Okay, that's my update.  Now it's back to work to create some more!


John(SC) said...

OMG Lynda,
This is so much more than I expected. These are beautiful. Can't wait to buy this. You are amazing to come up with all of these great ideas. I'm so glad I found you. Bet ya didn't know y'all was lost, did ya?

Did you see that one/some of your tuts was used by someone on PCD? Congrats.

Take care,

JuLee said...

Clapping hands together with joy! A new tut is coming .... a new tut is coming.

Christine said...

They look absolutely amazing! And congratulations on being featured on today's Polymer Clay Daily.

I have to say I was looking at your Flickcr page today and thinking to my self what lovely names you have for your collections,for some reason I was also thinking of my grandaughter's favourite story from the Mabinogi ( A very old story book of Welsh tales) is about Bronwen and at that moment I came across one of your pendants of that name.

Diva Designs Jewelry said...

Thank you everyone! I really appreciate your lovely compliments and comments! This one is going to be FABULOUS! :)

Christine, that is the most challenging part for me, giving the pieces the names they were meant to have. It's very important... I don't know how people manage to name their children! LOL

Carole said...

The colors and taxtures are so rich and yummy looking !

CraftyHope said...

All of these pieces are just luscious!! Beautiful job.

Diva Designs Jewelry said...

Thank you very much, ladies! :)

Eleanor Knight said...

Have you already published this tutorial and I missed it, somehow?