Monday, April 30, 2012

Weekend Projects

I have got to do better about blogging, my friends.   The month gets away from me before I realize that I have only posted twice in April.  How shameful.  I will try to make up for it in May.   

I am busy, busy, busy these days with some major projects.  I am working on a book outline, which I am very excited about, and also trying to write two new tutorials.  Before you ask, I am still in the planning stage for the tutorials, so no publication date yet, but I am determined to get them done soon.  

This past weekend, I had two goals on my plate:   Filling a custom order for a faux ivory brooch for a customer and tackling my button project for Cindy Wimmer's button swap coming up on May 13, in which I am partnered with the fabulously talented Kym Hunter.   

Kym sent me some beauties, including a dainty, handmade lampwork glass heart button, some vintage bakelite/plastic buttons, some brass and silver pieces she embossed with Vintaj's Sizzix BIGKick machine; a few shell buttons, and a wooden button with leaf shapes burned or etched into the surface.   She sent way more than she should have, and I was hoping to use every one.   I ended up with 6 finished pieces, which run from paper to assemblage to jewelry.  I can't reveal them until the 13th, but here is a photo of the buttons Kym sent.  

Next up was the custom order.  My customer wanted me to recreate, in brooch form, these faux ivory bangle bracelets I created as one of the special projects in my faux bone and ivory tutorial last year.  She specifically wanted the hashmarks and the ancient people incorporated somehow, so here is what I did.  I ended up with several brooches/pendants and three pair of earrings.

In the end, my customer decided on the larger arrowhead shaped brooch on the right, but I have lots of new pieces to add to the shop, which I will do shortly.  

 I am loving these new shapes, the arrowhead, which was inspired by a flint I saw at Etsy last week, and the dagger, which is from Barbara McGuire's line of rubber templates.  


BluMoon said...

I am just the same with my blog, the weeks go by so fast!
I love those buttons and the arrowhead.
If you have a minute you are welcome to visit my blog I am having a little give away.

Diane said...

Lynda, I am so glad that you are writing a book outline. You definitely have enough information and knowledge to write a book and I will definitely buy it, if and when you get a book published! I hope everything goes smoothly for your writing and if you need any help proof-reading let me know. Good luck! Diane Plus I love the new brooch

Roberta said...

Ooooo. How exciting about the book I mean.

I love the new designs. Custom orders are really great because they get you thinking outside of the usual things....I love my custom customers.

Lupe Meter said...

Join the club, Lynda. I haven't posted anything recently either. I too have got to be better about blogging but time seems to be slipping by faster than before. I get involved in projects and forget to blog about something. I used to be great at multitasking but over the years I have lost it. I love those buttons!! How exciting...a book in the works!!! Can't wait! 8)

Cindy said...

Lynda, you have so many exciting things going on right now! I'd love to hear more about your book-writing process. I am doing the same now but haven't shared it publically. Very exciting but a lot of work! :-)