Monday, April 16, 2012

Cowboys, Cowgirls and Cow...Bunnies?

I had a great time this past weekend putting together these pieces on spec for a jewelry shop owner who wanted Western themed Cowgirl jewelry.  I think it must be trending right now. 

For some of us, though, cowgirl jewelry is always in style.  I might be a Southern girl from South Carolina, but I am a cowgirl at heart.  In fact, about the time I hit 2nd grade, my birthday present that year was a pair of white, leather majorette boots with tassles on the front.   The burning desire to be a majorette lasted about 2 months, after which I pretended they were cowboy boots.   I still have those boots, athough they never looked as good after I tried to paint them red. 

These necklaces take me right back to sitting in front of the black and white TV on Sunday nights, watching Bonanza.  I loved the opening credits.  Remember the fire that burned through the Ponderosa map?  I thought that was so cool.   Bonanza debuted the year I was born, but I watched it from about 1966 until it ended in 1973.  I had a huge crush on oldest son Adam.  Back then, I went for those serious, moody bad boys.   Some things never change!  LOL

I made a few cowgirl bunny pins, too, using the small Vintaj stars for charms.  These images are from a collection of Western advertising art. 

And finally, I made a few more earrings for the shop.  I did something Easter weekend I hardly ever do.  I made up a bunch of solid colors and Skinner blends and stored them between parchment paper sheets.  I don't know why I got a wild hair and decided to do it ahead of time.   I am not at sure what I cobble together should technically be called a Skinner Blend, either.  I always feel like I should apologize to Judith Skinner whenever I use that term. 

I also received my buttons Saturday from my button swap partner, Kym Hunter.  I've got a few ideas and sketches of what I want to make, and I can't give a sneak peak until the big reveal on May 13, but I will be continuing the nostalgic childhood theme.

Have a great week, everyone! 


Roberta said...

You can call the Divablend.

They are so uniquely your own. The transparency with the inks gives them an entirely different feel than the heavier skinner blend.

Lupe Meter said...

These are wonderful, Lynda! Love those cowboy/cowgirl pendants! I agree, your work is so unique! I too watched Bonanza and my favorite was little Joe of course! You just reminded me why I never paid notice to the clothes they were wearing on the show (black and white). Later when color TV came into place, I realized they were the same clothes everyday on the Ponderosa. lol Who cared anyway...Love that show!

Diva Designs Jewelry said...

Thank you, Roberta. These were created with Premo Gray Granite and Opaque Premo and Sculpey colors. :)

Thank you, Lupe! Glad to know I brought back some pleasant memories for you, too. I hadn't thought about it, but you're right, Adam wore all black all the time! LOL

JuLee said...

I have to admit that even though every one of my friends like Little Joe, Hoss was my favorite. he had such a kind heart.