Monday, July 11, 2011

Tackling The Scrap Clay Pile

Scrap Clay Striped Earrings - Olive, Lavender, Brass and Gold with Faceted Tiger Eye Drops Scrap Clay Striped Earrings - Copper and Black with Carved Jasper Flower Drops

All that experimenting last week added to my very weighty scrap clay drawer. I usually set aside a day every couple of months to either blend it all together to use for bead bases, or to marble some of the more interesting colors and run them through the pasta machine, hoping for some pretty stripedy (Julz, I haven't used that one in awhile!) patterns.

Scrap Clay Striped Earrings with Faceted Pumpkin Czech Glass Beads Scrap Clay Striped Earrings - Copper, Turquoise, Bronze with Blue Quartz Drops

There is something very cathartic about marbling, isn't there? It's not technical, not complicated, just a few minutes of fun grouping together color combinations to see what you get. I was pretty pleased with myself when these came rolling off the pasta machine.

Scrap Clay Striped Earrings with Faceted Black Onysx Beads Scrap Clay Vertical Striped Earrings with Black Carved Horn Bone Beads

I have been making more and more polymer earrings lately, something I haven't done in the past because I couldn't seem to get each piece to match the other in size well enough to make them a pair, which would drive me nuts.

The rolled strips were about 2 1/2 inches wide, so I used a square 2" cutter and cut out squares, then used a 1" x 2" rectangle cutter to divide them, either horizontally or vertically. I think I am partial to the horizontal stripes.

And the best part? My scrap clay bin is empty! I don't know about you, but I always feel a little guilty when the scrap clay starts piling up on me. It is a nice feeling to be able to see the bottom of the drawer again; and it always jumpstarts my creative urge, too.

I hope your week is a good one, wherever you are!


Julz said...

I LOVe your stripedy (love that word) earrings!!! I wish I had as much success as you at making endeavours usually can be 'mushity' LOL!!!
I love the stripes with that little zing of blue...mmmm!!! My scrap draw is pretty full too...perhaps I need to make more 'mush'! LOL!!

Boot ~C said...

these are really beautiful, I think you should quote Pee Wee & say " I meant to do that"!

JuLee said...

I actually ran out of scrap last weekend. Couldn't believe it. I actually had to use "regular" clay for my bead guts!

Its All About Creating said...

Congrats on PCD today! Gorgeous earrings!

Sandy said...

These are wonderful! What are you using for the finish? Makes me want to go down and look through my scrap and play. Great job.