Saturday, March 26, 2011

Red Hot and Fabulous Faux Cinnebar

Floral Gardens Series - Faux Cinnebar Cabochons/Pendants

I was supposed to be working on a custom image transfer order today for my friend Beth. But when I got up this morning, I was in a red mood and knew I would not do the image she sent me justice, so I am leaving that project for another day, like tomorrow.

You all know red is my favorite color, and I just felt like turning up the heat and making some really red pieces today. It is harder than it looks to get a good red to bake true to color, too, let me tell ya. Four batches later, I was satisfied with my Faux Cinnebar red and created these lovely little cabs and pendants.

The square floral mold used to create the pendants is my new favorite thing. I used it to create several of these 3-D cabs and pendants. The detail in it is incredible. I have tried making my own silicon molds and all I did was make a big, icky mess, but I just love this one!

Floral Gardens Series - Faux Red Cinnebar Pendant/Cab and Earrings with Black Czech Glass Drops

Then I had to go and experiment with other colors, just a bit.

Floral Gardens Series - Pistachio Green Pendants/Cabs and Earring Components Floral Gardens Series - Faux Cameo Wedgewood Blue Pendant/Cab with Earring Components

Floral Gardens Series - Pistachio Green Pendants/Cabs and Earring Commponents & Wedgewood Blue Pendant/Cab and Earring Components

Okay, Beth. I got the red mood out of my system and tomorrow morning bright and early I promise to wake up in the right frame of mind to create some exquisitely delicate image transfer pendants, with not a speck of red in sight!


Grubbi said...

I was wondering what you used for the texture, that will teach me to read the blog updates more often.

lynn said...

Beautiful!! I love the roses. Lynn

SueBeads said...

Those really are fabulous!

stacilouise said...

Those are beautiful!!!!!!

Jeanne aka Gem Chick said...

These are amazing, Lynda!!!

Anonymous said...

Hi, Those are gorgeous. Would you mind giving the source for the wonderful mold? Thanks.

Anonymous said...

Yes please share your source for your molds!!

finola said...

Oh my goodness - those are fabulous!