Tuesday, March 22, 2011

Fooling Around with Faux Cameo Cabochons

I love nothing better than a good challenge, and getting a good faux cameo out of polymer clay has been driving me crazy for awhile now. I have tried several ideas, but by George, I think I finally have it.

Pastel Polymer Clay Cabs

I apologize for the lousy photography. My camera decided it had a mind of its own and my settings went all wonky on me. I had to shoot these outside, and the detail of the undercolors doesn't come through very well in the photos. These are all two-toned, ivory on top with pastel colors underneath: Peach, Lavender, seafoam green, yellow, coral, wedgewood blue, red, shell pink and black.

Coral, Red, Wedgewood Blue and Black Polymer Clay Cabochons

These would be great bezel settings for a beautiful clasp. They also make wonderful pendants on their own. I love the delicate little rose sprays, and I just purchased a small rose mold to see if I can make tiny, individual roses for spacer beads. I am really pleased with these, hope you like them, too!

Sea Green Blue and White Floral Cabochons

These are faux milk glass cabs. I love the blue-gray/green color. Can't quite put my finger on the exact name of the color, but it is really beautiful in person.


Norma's Clay said...

They are gorgeous! I really like them. They are very delicate and elegant.

Lupe Meter said...

These are beautiful!!
I absolutely love them! I agree...they are very delicate and elegant!

Shirley said...

They are really pretty. I love the detail and how delicate they look. You are very talented. Take care A Missouri Friend.

Marian Hertzog said...

Very pretty! I think you got it too! Love the rose spacer beads.

SueBeads said...

Those are simply gorgeous!

stacilouise said...

That blue/grey/green color is the bomb!!! super cool. I really love your new stuff!