Monday, January 17, 2011

Lori Anderson's Bead Soup Party

Last year, I was pea green with envy over the luscious bead goodies my friend Laurel Steven received in the last Bead Soup party sponsored by Lori Anderson, a very talented jewelry designer and one of the ladies behind Art Bead Scene. It was too late for me to join in that time, but I have been watching for it this year, and Laurel helped by asking me a couple of weeks ago if I was going to participate. YES! Yay!

I was assigned my bead partner over the weekend, and I've talked to her (not sure if I can say who it is, but I think I'll keep it a surprise for now) and we've discussed likes and dislikes, colors and styles, etc, and I am very excited and anxious to get started on my ideas for her cup of bead soup.

Lori has created a flickr photogroup so that everyone can post photos of the jewelry we create with the beads, so you can see all of them (hopefully, everyone will post) as they are created. I think I am as excited to see everyone else's designs as I am to get started on mine.

The next week is going to be JAMMED with everything I have to do, several deadlines to meet and orders to complete, but I am so looking forward to getting back to the clay again and creating something really special for my cup of the bead soup.

Thanks, Lori, for letting me play along!