Wednesday, January 12, 2011

Jewels of Aragon Pendant

I have been time traveling through the history books lately, and last week, I landed in the middle ages. I did a little research on royalty, royal jewels and costuming of the era.

I wanted to try to do a few jewelry pieces that really make you think "Medieval." Here is the first pendant, featuring a gorgeous 20 carat, square-cut, lemon yellow citrine surrounded by Vintaj Natural Brass and nestled on a base of dark silver polymer clay antiqued with bronze acrylic paint and framed in a dark silver metal stamping, which I manipulated to make a holder for the jump ring bail.

What do you think? Can you see Catherine of Aragon wearing this? I call it "Jewels of Aragon."

The citrine was a birthday gift from my Mother when I was 25, so I better hang on to this one. I will be making more, though. I ordered some square-cut faux gemstone glass beads last week in garnet and amethyst and diamond clear. I think the garnet in particular will look stunning against the dark silver and antique brass backdrop!


QuiltNCards said...

Very beautiful. Forget Catherine of A. I can see myself wearing that...

MoonRae said...

Well,Terri beat me to it cause I was gonna say the same thing....
haha (don't worry Terri,she said she was gonna make some more, so we won't have to fight for it)

m.e. said...

Better store this particular one in the tower . It belongs in the Crown Jewels collection !
This design is stunning !
It's extra special since this pendant would look perfect with almost any metal finish!!!
Medieval Magic!!! m.e. :)