Friday, March 26, 2010

Heralding Spring With Some Bright Colors

Yesterday it reached 82 degrees here in the South Carolina lowcountry. Yes, March 25and it was over 80, which means we are in for a hot, muggy Summer in the deep South. Humidity is almost 100% here in the Summer, and as I told a friend of mine this morning, time to gear up for 3 months of feeling like a piece of wilted lettuce. The heat and humidity are the only things I don't like about living in South Carolina. But you can always grab a beach towel and your shades and hop in the car for a quick drive to the coast to cool off, one of the very good things about living here!

I wanted to get a few more things in the shop for Spring and decided to make these bright, beautiful Sakura flower pendants and vibrant butterflies. Talk about heralding Spring! Think I'm gonna need those shades now...

Sakura Flowers 1 Baby Pink, Neon Blue and Spring Green Sakura Flowers 2 Cotton Candy Pink and Sky Blue Deep Coral Butterfly 1 Magenta Butterfly 1


surfingcat said...

Very pretty. I love those colours on the Sakura pendants. I don't normally like pink at all but I am suddenly loving pinks and blues together - must be a spring thing.

Hopemore Studio said...

Yes I know exactly what you mean. My vintage images are not calling to me like they usually do...I am loving more colorful images at the moment, especially flowers.

Your pieces look very nice.


Julz said...

I saw these latest pendants on Flickr last night and just love them. The colours are so bright and clear. Your summer sounds abit like ours here down under. I live on the edge of a desert no beach to go too. today is hot an muggy even thought it is officially autumn.
I am over the hot...and the humidity...not something we usually have to deal with...but ut seems we have more and more of this sort of humidity every year. I can so relate to the wilted feeling hehe.

SueBeads said...

Hey, but today it's freeeeeezing! I could be home with these temps!!!!