Monday, September 21, 2009

Whooda Thunk It?

I made some pendants this weekend with a vegetable peeler. Yep, a vegetable peeler. Whooda thunk it? Of course, many of you probably already know about Dan Cormier, PC artist extraordinaire, and his SHARK and cutting edge techniques and tools. I had heard of him, too, you'd have to live under a rock in the pc world not to know his name, but I had honestly never really paid much attention to him or his technique, mainly because his workshops were waaaaaaaaaaaayyyyyyy out of my price range. If I'm going to spend that kind of money on a workshop, it had better be held in Paris!

Well, anyway, some of my fellow PCAGOE members were discussing his SHARK and cutting edge techniques and the tools, and one mentioned something about a vegetable peeler. Hmmm, I have vegetables, and ergo, I have a peeler! A nice, wide Gilette razor kind of peeler, so I decided to give it a go. I layered a think sheet of platinum colored clay on a base of espresso colored clay and embossed it with my favorite gingko texture sheet, then whipped out the vegetable peeler (well, actually a potato peeler...potatoes aren't one of those fruity vegetables or vegetably fruits, are they?) and proceeded to mow it down to a flat surface. Viola, as I am fond of saying! This is really cool, and now I want to go visit Mr. Cormier's website and see how much money I can spend on his various types of, tools.

Nifty swell, huh?

I went ahead and made a necklace with this pendant and a smaller one in the same pattern, and I made a couple more necklaces for the shop. Autumn's a comin' and I'm focusing on the Fall 2009 Fashion Color Forecast and trying to get some compatible designs in the shop to accessorize this year's predicted color favorites.

Small Platinum Gingko Leaves On Espresso Background with Palm Jasper, Fancy Jasper, Ocean Jasper, and Snakeskin Jasper gemstones

Large Platinum Gingko Leaves on Espresso Background with African Brown Rhyolite, Grafic Feldspath/Feldspar, Picture Jasper, Bronzite and Hidden Valley Jasper.

Dressed Up Denim polymer clay pendant with handmade Hollow Fumed Glass beads, handmade borosillica glass studded with pure silver, Sodalite spacer beads, copper filigree end caps.

Creme Brulee Butterflies image transfer polymer clay pendant with handmade Hollow, Fumed Glass beads, Tiger Iron coin beads, Blue Tiger Eye, Desert Jasper, faceted Smoked Soochow Jade Barrel beads.

These last two designs also feature some seriously gorgeous, handmade, hollow fumed glass beads created by Aja Vaz of WanderingSpirit. I'm addicted to Aja's beads now and have resorted to stalking her frickr photostream waiting for pictures of new beads to be posted. Absolutely gorgeous, stunning creations. I am seriously jealous of anyone who can do this. I would burn all my fingers off and the house down if I tried.

Have a great week, everybody!


Leslie @ Bei Mondi said...

Wow! Love those ginkgo leaf pendants. I can't believe you did that with a potato peeler. Very cool!

Laurel said...

Very mucho swell work with that potato peeler !!!!


I'm loving all those natural colours in your latest series of pendants. You always match the colours so perfectly!

Have a lovely week Lynda x

Diva Designs Jewelry said...

Thank you, ladies! Carolyn, the color palette in this one was actually inspired by you! :)