Wednesday, July 29, 2009

PCAGOE August Challenge - Mixed Media!

PCAGOE August Challenge Mosaic 4 rows

1. Chainmaille and Polymer Clay Bracelet by Chicki
2. Faux Zebra Animal Print Polymer Clay, Bone and Metal Necklace by SCDiva
3. Lascaux Swimming Deer Necklace by JillPalumbo
4. Polymer Clay Millefiori Bugs by IrisMishly
5. Mixed Media Bracelet by Polyclarific
6. Faux Fused Glass, Polymer Clay and Resin by Eugena777
7. Cafe Latte by NKDesigns
8. Leopard Spot Pendant by FungibleElements
9. Ancient Sun by BijouxHibou
10. Black Rose With Honey by LaurelSteven
11. Steampunk-01 by WorthingtonFox
12. Dolphin Pendant by ArtistTooStudios
13. Frida in my Heart by BeeTreeByMe
14. Polymer Clay Covered Tin With Swarovski Crystals and Metal by PolymerClayCreations
15. Inspired By The Lascaux Cave Paintings by Iamcr8ve
16. Green 1 Bracelet by Ashpaints
17. Mysterious Ways Necklace by KDollDesigns
18. It's All Faux by ElementalDragons
19. Lava Pen by CreativeWriting
20. Room In My Heart Pendant by Juliespace

Aren't they gorgeous? These are the entries in the Polymer Clay Artists Guild of Etsy's August Challenge, the theme of which is "Mixed Media". I'm so proud of our member artists who entered this month. Look at the diversity of ideas and creativity! They are amazing!

You are invited to vote for your favorite entry at our team website at between August 1, 2009and midnight EST of August 8, 2009.

Five lucky voters chosen at random will also each win one of these beautiful prize packs of polymer clay items made by our member artists!

August 2009 PCAGOE Challenge Prize Packs

#1 Necklace by MarciaPalmer; Butterfly Magnets by SilverGateStudio
#2 Asian Ladies Necklace by NKDesigns; Earrings by LaurabeeStudios
#3 Earrings by Chicki; Necklace by YonatDascalu
#4 Earrings by PolymerClayCreations; Pendant and Bead Set by Ashpaints
#5 Earrings by JKollman; Butterfly Image Transfer Pendant by SCDiva

And don't forget to check back next month, when our theme is "Color Combinations".

Thanks so much!


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