Friday, July 10, 2009

My Bonnie Red Brooch is Featured in a New Etsy Treaasury!

Eugena Topina, a fellow PCAGOE member, created a gorgeous Poppy Red Treasury at Etsy today and included my Faux Vintage Bonnie Red Brooch. And, man, are there some gorgeous examples of polymer clay wearable art in the treasury.

If you already work with polymer clay, chances are you already know of Eugena and her blog, polymerchameleon. Eugena joined the PCAGOE guild a few months ago, and we are thrilled and very fortunate to have her as a member. She devotes her blog to promoting polymer clay artists at Etsy, including me. I was honored to be the featured artist back in March, and it is one of the highlights of my journey with polymer clay.

Eugena gives her posts on each artist a one-word title. Ahem...I was "classy"...but of course, dahling!

Besides promoting polymer clay artists every day, Eugena finds time to create stunning wearable art herself using polymer clay. Originally from Russia, she moved to the U.S. about 13 years ago and found work as a scientist in the pharmaceutical industry, but recently decided to take a sabbatical to devote time to her and where it takes her. She says polymer clay has been her favorite medium for the last 10 years or so because it has so many possibilities. I second that, I'm finding more and more applications for it every day!

Check out Eugena's shop at Etsy or her website at Eugena's Creations

Thank you again, Eugena, for including my little Bonnie Red in your beautiful treasury!

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