Wednesday, April 22, 2009

Think Green Today

Happy Earth Day, everyone! I have to admit, I have not been the world's best recycler in the past, but I am trying to do better. I watched Al Gore's documentary recently and it gave me the heebeejeebees. Now I'm using non-aerosol hairspray, I sort my trash into Paper, Plastic and Glass, I buy bio-degradable cat litter, and I take cloth totes to the grocery store. I also try to buy recycled paper products whenever I can.

As a life-long crafter, I've used found objects practically my whole life, so I do contribute to sustainable art, although I'd like to do more. I recently "repurposed" some frosted glass, empty room freshener plug-in bottles and a couple of mini bottles (I didn't drink them, Ma, they were given to me) by covering them with polymer clay.

These aren't new works, but since today is Earth Day, I thought I would show off my "sustainable art". I just finished off a bottle of my favorite perfume, Ralph Lauren Blue, and I am really excited the possibilities of what I can do with it. It has a very intriguing square shape. I'll post photos when I finish it. All those corners would be a real test of the ol' image transfer technique, though.

Be good to your Earth. It's the only one you've got!



I watched the Al Gore documentary too - it was a real eye opener!! As I live in a coastal place I'm aware of the effects of global warming being a threat to sea levels, so the more awareness we can create the better. I love your sustainable art and also do my bit with raising awareness with my global warming themed textiles!! If we all do our bit we could make a difference!!

Best wishes, Carolyn :o)

Lynda said...

You are absolutely right, Carolyn. I live in a coastal area, too and have my whole life. I can see how the coastline has changed from the time I was little. It is very scary.

Your work is amazing, and you certainly do your part for sustainable art!

Dlsarmywife said...

I love the covered fragrance bottles....hmmmm I think I have some of them lying around somewhere...gotta go check out my drawers...I like using them as sachets after they stop working in the plug ins! And gosh I jsut started my first faux turquoise...I hope it turns out as good as yours! :-)

Lynda said...

Hey, Armywife! Thank you. That is a cool idea to use them for sachets!

I hope you'll post photos of your faux turquoise piece when you finish. I'd love to see!