Thursday, April 2, 2009

I'm Featured on Tonja Lenderman's Blog Today!

Faux Antiqued Bronze Bas Relief Pendant

Tonja Lenderman featured my Faux Antiqued Bronze Bas Relief pendant on her blog at Polyclay Corner. It is her "flickr find" for today.

Tonja's blog is a new favorite blog, too. If you have not visited it yet, you must. It is the best kind of blog, informative and inspirational. I guarantee if you take a look, you will learn something new and find all kinds of things to love.

And Tonja, if you want to call this piece faux tooled leather, I will happily change the name! Thank you again for the lovely compliment.


Tonja Lenderman said...

Thanks for sharing my blog. I really do love your work and will be watching out for new creations.
Tonja Lenderman - Polyclay Corner Blog

Lynda said...

Thank you so much, Tonja!

sharon said...

This is beautiful!

Marcia P. said...

Beautiful piece. It does look like tooled leather. Love it!!

Lynda/SCDiva said...

Thank you, Sharon and Marcia! I really appreciate your comments.