Tuesday, August 18, 2009

It's Beginning To Look A Lot Like Christmas

Oh yes, I had the CD player blasting with Christmas music to get me in the mood Saturday to make some Christmas ornaments. Can you believe it is just around the corner? I usually have most of my shopping done by the first of September, but this year, things have been so hectic, I haven't even started.

I did manage to get a few Christmas ornaments and brooches done while the fake snow was flying and the hot chocolate was brewing, well, okay it was an iced mocha, but still...you know what I mean. I was in a groove and made these goodies, which I'm going to try to save for our annual PCAGOE Ornament Swap.

Olde World Santa Series

I really got into "the zone" and actually turned out more than 50 pendants this past weekend, some custom order butterfly pieces, some Faux Vintage pieces with horse scenes... show horses, grand champions, derby, foxhunt, etc. I also finally got a chance to play Cowboys and Indians (only about 40 years late!) with some vintage poster images I purchased recently. I've been itching to see what I could do with those. The graphics and colors are fabulous!

I also played with one of my favorite texture sheets, a gingko leaf, and some brass and copper colored clay blends and did some embossed pieces.

You can check out all the new pieces in my flickr photostream!


SueBeads said...

Lynda - I LOVE the santas! I can't wait to get one! Also, I need a gingko! Do you do custom ones of these???

Diva Designs Jewelry said...

Thank you, Sue! I would be happy to customize a Gingko for you. I'll convo you at Etsy and we'll discuss details. :)

Thanks again,


I absolutely ADORE Santa no. 5 - I really really would love that one. Are they for sale?

Diva Designs Jewelry said...

Hi, Carolyn. Absolutely! I will email you and we can discuss details. Thanks! Lynda